ChangeAAA was a lot different to the the other studies I’ve done so far. Whilst I studied the history of inventing and the Chinese culture, the modern day and Service design, and 21st century design and movements, it didn’t make me realise till now, to why I’m truly studying design. I wanted to undertake Industrial design because of the different pathways it could lead to, and mainly wanted to learn more about designing in general. But I never took much interest to why i want to design, Do i want to make a social impact? a movement? a change in behaviour or lifestyle? It really shocked me in the first class when we looked specifically at the word ‘Change’ and “taking sides”

I don’t usually like voicing my opinion unless its something I’m passionate about, like video games, music or technology for example, the reasoning to why I choose a side is to ‘follow’ other people and to avoid confrontation/arguing. I’ve been a fence sitter when it comes to current issues and debates, and has never interested me because i just didn’t want to get involved. How has this class changed me? The engagement on twitter and seeing the passion and interest people from all over the world has opened my eyes to the harsh reality that there will always be conflict.

Social Networking

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The social networking aspect of the class was surprising since Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress are sites that I already use outside of uni, but have not used for uni projects and for finding news. Twitter has topped Facebook for websites that I HAVE to go on as soon as I open my laptop, and seeing peoples status and the change in language compared to other social networking sites really interest me, like how Facebook did at its early age. Twitter has become one of the best go-to sites for trends/news and current issues and events, aided with the use of hashtags. Sharing the news was one thing, but finding news and letting it ‘come to me’ was pretty difficult and was something I wasn’t used to. Although I followed certain news outlets on Twitter, I would always want to look for more outside of Twitter. resulting in me constantly look for things to tweet.

Giving Up

I love video games, so I wanted to try give up something that was close to me to see how it would mentally/emotionally change me. I lasted for about 3 weeks, which I would say is a step up from other times i tried to stay away from gaming. but it was interesting to see why I am into gaming in the first place.

The reason I play games is mainly for enjoyment and doing something to pass the time/procrastinate, but also for the story/universes such as Halo. I have rarely given the thought as to why I’m actually playing these games since nothing really useful comes out of playing video games (apparently), but there is. Take Extra Life for example, who recently raised more than 3.5 miliion, by gathering gamers from all over the globe to do a 25 hour marathon of just playing games, to raise money for a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of their choice. To see that number and to participate in the event has been very eye-opening, the gamer’ stereotype has always been mostly negative, but this proves that there is goodness in the gaming community, that we can work together to achieve a common goal, in this case, raising money for sick children.

My goal to give up gaming was cut short when GTAV was released 🙂

Class and Assignments


It was interesting how this class was set out, with the two different appraches to putting forward the idea of change in society and design. I’ve always been ‘afraid’ of activism and has rarely crossed my mind unless I’m strongly passionate about something.

Our assignment of the K app, focusing on Communication and Technology, helped my group understand the world we live in today, where smartphones and internet-accessible devices are pretty much ‘brain washing’ us. We look at face-to-face interaction VS online/internet interaction and can see how our mentality, behaviour and lifestyle can really take a hit if we use phones, tablets, PCs and other devices excessively.

Field Manual


The field manual on Communication focuses more on the practice of communicating between two people or objects, and to see the advantages/ditadvantages of the way communicate today. It helps those who WANT to change their lifestyle of heavy phone usage, to have more self control, and just makes people aware of the risks of excessive usage, and exposure at an early age.

Overall Experience

This class has definitely impacted the way I design, keeping in mind recent events, energy usage, lifestyle and other issues that are constantly effecting our world. I was surprised at how many people drop this course after the first few weeks, but I would recommend this class for those who are unsure of their design career pathway, for those who want to do more than just designing and prototyping. Those who plan on studying service design, interaction design, environmental design can really benefit by doing this class first, to get a greater insight on the end user, and the idea of public and design activism.

When it comes to taking sides and activism, I still have that urge to not get involved but understanding that there are more positive than negative effects can come out of them, has changed my approach on discussions and arguments. I will constantly strive to be more vocal with my opinions, as well as finding the passion to take a side with current news like asylum seekers, gay marriage, racism, like I do my personal interest with gaming, science and technology.

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