Self-Reflection_ChiehChung Cheng, s3428170

Still remember the first advocacy/activism/agency class with Soumitri Varadarajan, during the lesson he had completely changed and destroyed the way how we perceive the world. At the time, I was feeling helpless, terrified, shocked and upheavals. Due to the fact that Dr. Soumitri made me realised how ignorant I was in the past 19 years. I became aware that I did not take much attention of what was happening around in the world, even though I thought I did. However, with Dr. Soumitri’s irritation he had drove my emotional reaction deep down in my heart. He had made me came to understand as a designer, I should be more conscious about our surrounding and knowing the current issue in the world.I walked out the first class with depression and sadness.

After the first lesson, I knew this is the class that I want to be in, even though I was completely confused and frustrated at the time. I told myself I not to give up, people does get overwhelm during the process of CHANGE, and I just have to accept the change to happen.

Since I am not a Facebook addict, I found it struggling to share thoughts and articles on Twitter. However, it was introduced to us as a research tool, twitter gave us an insight of what happened in a particular area and also it is a primary source without others interpretation. This made me started to use twitter as a research tool more often than before.

I was introduced with numerous different ideas and thoughts from Liam and Soumitri and also my classmate. Was able to communicate sharing ideas around with my group mates and furthermore gained a lot of discussion experience during the group project.

Overall of the class, I have developed a new way to perceive the world and ideas, which have made me realised the importance of Change. Even though I found the class challenging, however, through out the class I have gained a lot of knowledge that I could not possibly get from other lesson.

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