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Image What is E-learning?

Before you get all excited about the ‘K.’ App, and App linkage, E-learning is not new. It’s been around in various forms for over 25 years but it really took off in the last few years, especially with the internet. However, what may be new to you is for something to help you to take back control of both your time and learning by putting the learning in your own hand. Learning at your speed, when you want and how you want to.

E-learning will help you take back control of your smartphone, so the phone it is used for a purpose to improve your knowledge, choice of career, social connections and even help you apply for higher paid jobs with your new qualifications and skills. Bonus.

Imagine using your phone to actually learn, your camera to record your projects, and a cool E-learning app to submit your work to help gain you a certificate. Imagine all those assisting you land the job interview in the company you are crazy about, while your peers are still playing games and checking Facebook Likes at the bus stop every day!  The beauty of the ‘K.’App is that it would work together with an E-Learning platform.

Language in E-learning is easy to read. It needs to be simple to support graphics, images, dialogue and role-plays, and importantly fit on your screen! Actually the language used in E-learning is real use for this world. Replicating how you speak to people, friends and peers.  Yes, your friends.

Image Why do you need to change?  What are the risks if you don’t?

E-learning is rapidly becoming the ‘must have’ for up skilling and broadening your employment horizons. The risk for not changing ones capabilities is to left behind with out-dated knowledge and unrecognised qualificatins. You may even be labelled this: ImageImage

Current figures show that people need more skills today as they move across jobs and different industries. The skills required today are to learn new technology, retraining and up skill current capacities: and even hold the social networking and communication skills to move across jobs roles seamlessly: Think LinkedIn.  Today, a typical person may have multiple jobs across their lives, whereas, a generation or two ago, it may have been two or even one job for life.Taking part in E-learning ensures you are able to recognise current learning methods, understand IT and most importantly, can operate effectively and usefully online without time.

Obviously, the motivation is there for people who want to keep up, be ahead and be the leaders within their job, career and chosen industry of practice.

E-learning will help you get there, and will ensure you have little time for those brain numbing apps cluttering your screen. Therefore, use that ‘K.’ App. we so highly recommend.

Image What is your E-learning goal? 

On completing your E-learning course, you have ideally learnt something brand new and immediately useful for your job, needed skill, money making hobby and the rest of your life!  You should also be able to apply the knowledge into your job and have the social knowhow to market and let employers know what you know.

Another immediate use is a nationally accredited qualification which is attractive to employers as it shows capabilities in your new field of study. Moreover, if the E-learning platform is a global one (for example if learnt within GE: the hub) you end up with a globally recognised certificate.

Image  Familiarise yourself with the key words and business world of E-learning

Get an idea of an LMS– Learning Management System. This is the platform used for E-learning. Questions to ask are: Is theplatform right for you and your phone? What software would you like to work with? Can it operate seamlessly with any tablet, any pc, any phone?

There are numerous software packages that support and create E-learning: Can you spot the Adobe package? It is there.


A great way to familiarise yourself more is to get onto YouTube and see what E-learning is all about. There are countless introductions to the subject, course examples and all the major providers upload contents every week to keep the students and users informed.

Begin with Moodle. Go ahead. Which Australian city did the start-up begin with? How much does it cost to use it? Yes. Nothing. It’s free. Students who design skateboards or wedding cakes can run courses on Moodle. RMIT University is there too if you poke about.

Who provides E-learning? Key E-learning providers listed below. Are they in Melbourne? 


Image 5 Steps

A: Determine your Skills Gap and Need and go for it.

This involves working out what’s missing in your life. Is it a certain Diploma or Certificate? Software, designing and drawing skills for using a Wacom? Video editing skills?  You may need to have a look at your field of study and see what you are rusty at. See where your peers are good or excelling you and what skills and knowledge employers are wanting. Get a grip on what you need to learn.

B: Seek out a provider of the material/skill/knowledge you need to learn. The provider could be local, or could even be international. Within Australia, there are many E-leaning providers. Quite simply, you may only need your smart phone to get started, get learning and get assessed.

C: Research what kind of E-learning you with to do. Key questions are:

  • Short course? Although I can’t finish it at the bus stop, can I finish it in a few weeks or less?
  • Accredited?  (i.e. do I get a Certificate or Diploma at the end?)
  • Able to complete equally on your smart phone, tablet and laptop?
  • Long term learning lasting several months or even up to a year or more?
  • Learn and be assessed at your own pace? Or is it structured.
  • How strict are the assessment dates?
  • Does the E learning platform have accountable clients and a good credibility?
  • How much assessment is involved?
  • Can evidence of assessment be submitted via video/camera directly from your smart phone?  E.g. design drawings and completed models.
  • Is there support when you cannot comprehend something such as a chart or text, have a question or if I.T. support is required due to the software not working?
  • Can you complete the learning as part of a team or group?
  • Is the text and audio done in just English or can I choose anotherlanguages?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there up front fees?
  • What grievance procedures or even refund options do they have?
  • Lastly, can I find what I need to learn by watching and or paying for educational videos on Youtube or another site like it? This is another E-learning option available, although it does have drawbacks.

D: Carefully consider what knowledge you most need to learn, what you need re-training in and choose a provider who will offer you the best E-learning experience. You need to also obtain a sample of what the provider offers. As mentioned, YouTube is a starting point.

E: Enroll in a course. Choose a provider and course most suited to your needs and lifestyle. Ensure the material can be fully and comprehensibly accessed on your smartphone. E.G. voice recording, videos, Flash, Adobe and that you can access MS word or equivalent for writing and viewing assessments.  Find out from other users, check chat forums and obtain feedback to see if they are good.


Talk to others, teachers and friends before doing E-learning. Can a friend join you on your new smart journey? Could you teach the wonders of the ‘K.’ App?

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