Field Manual of Change: Internet Acronyms / Instant Messaging/ Human behaviour_ChiehChung Cheng s3428170

The invention of Internet has changed the way human communicate and also caused a tremendous impact on our language. The Internet Acronyms is one of the curial issue that raise with the innovation of Internet. Research has shown 64 percent of teenager use informal abbreviation in their written schoolwork.

What is Internet Acronym?

It refers to variety of slang words used by different computer users on the Internet. It is text abbreviations that used on Internet conversation, it consists of a number of different ways of speaking and expressions. Internet users have developed many slang terms over the years, for examples like lol, k, ttyl, etc.

The impacts brought by Internet Acronym

The study’s results have shown that students were more likely to use informal language in school assignments due to the amount of time they spent on social sites.

Internet acronym not only has an impact on our use of language, it also affect our lifestyle.

How instant messaging changed human behaviour

With the development of technology, Internet acronym and instant messaging have changed human social behaviour. “Texting while walking/talking/eating” is another issue that came with the advancement of technology. People can instantly reach other person around the world just by sending a simple message. As a result, people become lack of confidences in real life face-to-face chatting, became unaware of surrounding things nor people and this has became a common phenomenon for younger generation.

According to research, 22 percent of kids ages 6 to 9 already have their mobile phone. Today’s kids spend most of the time on their technology devices, they play with it, learn from it, and also engaging with others on it. Is this consider to be a healthy human being? Should people be worry? People cannot learn everything through a computer or any other electronic devices, people learn most of things when they engaging with people and surrounding in their real life.

Therefore need for Change!

The usage of Internet Acronym is rapidly becoming an controversial issue around the world, people starting to realise the effect caused by Internet Acronym and the risk of changing facial communication skills for the next generation.

People are relying heavily on text messaging, instant messaging and many others internet related applications across all different age groups. There was a news headline on London’s newspaper,  it said, “1 in 10 people have bee injured because of walking and texting at the same time.”  The use of instant messaging and internet language are changing and affecting human’s daily lifestyle. For those heavy users it has became an unavoidable problem for their life and should start taking actions to prevent further impacts on them.

ACTION: K App is introduced

K app, is a master app.

Once you install it, it hides into your background. It then monitors the time you spend on each app and pop up notifications whenever it wants to restrict you from using your phone too often.

K app also provides a function that it can deletes your app if it detects you are over using a particular app too often. Also, when you are using internet slang words or acronyms it will not allow you to send the message until you fix your grammatical mistakes.

ACTION: Non-Wifi zone

Reach an agreement with restaurant and store that when customers walk in, they are not allow to use any of their Internet devices. People have to communicate with others that around them instead of focusing on their mobile or computer.

Through these actions, we can slowly reduce the influences from text and instant messaging. and also prevent the impacts from Internet acronyms. Bring back the importance of face-to-face interactions.

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