The greener pasture seekers


The issue of people coming to Australia is simply a natural phenomenon since the dawn of humanity when we grew legs to walk, hands to build tools and arms to paddle with. People wanting to come to this massive country will not stop, regardless which policy Australia goes with.  People inherently move to better pastures for greener grass, if that is what people are coming for.

When the earliest Aboriginal people developed their culture here, some walked through a land mass connecting northern Australia with Asia. Thousands of years later it was white settlers on a conquest of discovery and colonisation, although the colonising part was perhaps more important than the search for green grass (especially if they arrived during the height of an Australian summer with blow flies).

Today and recently, Australia faces further influxes of people in ever increasing diversities. Most notably with the Greeks after World War Two, making Melbourne the 2nd Greek capital of the world and a haven for the 2am city souvlaki.  Jews also left persecution and war in Europe and Palestine at the same time. Wars and persecution continued through time with Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Africa and various Muslim countries and now the ‘boat people’ issue is politicized for the issue of national identity and fear. If war and persecution continue, yes, people will seek greener pastures.  I say YES to that.

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