Refelctions of the First class

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First class… Lots of unsureness.

Dr Varadarajan kept asking how we felt. Angry, confused, frustrated, excited was not what he was looking for? Irritated was the word.That was irritating.

When I arrived in Melbourne 10 years ago, it was the first time when I really left my parents and friends– the physical and emotional support I had access to at any time. Sooner than I’d expect, one of the first things I learnt was that “everybody was afraid of changes”. People tend to cling to what they had believed, learnt and had like a shellfish clinging onto the rocks nearly everywhere. There were moments when I was scared, confused (very) and angry. Yet, I made a decision back then, I want to be a person who’s not afraid of changes. That’s why I chose this topic.

Back in the class, Soumitri was asking about subjects I felt that I knew but I didn’t. How annoying! Arab spring? How many times it was talked about at home and we said that China would never let this happen to the CCP? All I took notice was that all videos of the Egyptian riots etc were blocked on the Chinese internet. Chinese people think is the God search engine in the world because they only know a disabled Google. I tried to convert my parents to Google users, but I had to admit, in China, Baidu does work better, BUT it does not tell you the answer of what you are looking for, pathetic.

So maybe I have become one of the middle side animals that he was talking about? NO. I don’t think so. Certainly I failed to response to Soumitri’s challenge in the class but I do get “irritated”. For example, when the high speed train crashed in China and killed thousands, leaving families and friends broken hearted, it only made headline in the news for a week. Then, a ray of anti-Japanese campaign started. People seemed to had forgotten about all the many killed and who should have taken responsibility for the tragedy. Patriotism soon took over in the media. As far as I remembered, whenever there is a national scandal/tragedy, there is always an anti-Japanese or anti-American, or anti-French campaign following up sooner than you’d expect.

A designer should not be afraid of changes. He should not be afraid of making changes, to other’s work but most importantly, his own work. That, is a challenge.

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