Hi, my name is Said Hassan. I’m born in Lebanon and raised in Australia. I arrived in Australia when I was about four years of age with my whole family in 1997. We’ve been here ever since. I took a holiday to Lebanon to go see my friends and family and it was interesting to see the difference especially living most of my life in Australia. I found Lebanon to be a country which was once a beautiful country in terms of the environment, the people and the atmosphere. I saw it as a scarred country. The war is what segregated the people, it demolished relationships between the country itself, there is no more trust and everyone is to themselves – (everyone and their family). But at the same time it created love. People would move around Lebanon to stay away from bombs and shootings and rest at peoples homes, sometimes sleep there for days and weeks. Although I wasn’t there to experience it, my parents were the ones who would often welcome people who fled their home towns and give them a safe place to stay. So I just want to say how lucky we are to be in Australia living peacefully. Now I’m a second year industrial design student hoping to get into the field of automotive design in the future.  



My first impression of the studies class wasn’t what I expected. It’s was much more intense but the concept of the course is to create change and you cant change the world if you don’t change yourself first. We are to find things that irritate us, things that anger us, things that need to change through us designers (activists).  We created a twitter account to tweet about things that stimulate us. I have never used twitter before and so far its been a pleasure to use and see what other have to say on similar topics. This class makes you aware of the political side of things around the world whatever the topic may be. I’ve never been drawn to such topics but I’m slowly getting my head around it and its interesting. Its about using your emotions and getting them to work at the right time and acting upon them for the better, for change. I think I can get furious about many things and lets hope we can make a transformation.


Asylum Seekers – My view

Australia is no doubt a land of opportunity, its a peaceful country where everyone has equal rights. Everyone would love to live in such a secure place for themselves and for the sake of their families. People want to escape war or persecution and flee to the shores of Australia. That is what a real asylum seekers are considered. But there are also fake asylum seekers which people also believe in. Its people who try and sneak in which is what is driving the Australian people mad. They believe they are wasting money on asylum seekers. These few people are wrecking it for the real asylum seekers who want to seek refuge in Australia. Generally people are very accepting of asylum seekers and refugees if they feel they’ve been through the appropriate channels. Calling asylum seekers ‘illegals’ and ‘queue jumpers’ dehumanises people and their experience. This is what is causing the negative response which is a contributing factor of the off-shore relocation. The Rudd governments’ controversial policy is aimed at putting a stop to asylum seekers attempting dangerous sea journeys. Several boats carrying asylum seekers have capsized in or near Australian waters in recent years, with numerous fatalities but the government should have some dignity and accept asylum seekers. Relocation is something they can deal with for the time being but not to permanently reject them from entering Australia because some people who have everything and are living a comfortable life don’t feel with the asylum seekers. I am grateful that my parents made it alive due to the war overseas. I suppose you have to put yourself in their shoes and see what you will do next. Lets not only use our brains but our hearts as well. 

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