my uninformed slant on refugees

The topic of refugees is hot news at the moment. When asked to write about the issue, I found it difficult to draw all of my thoughts together. So i’ll try and keep it simple.

I think everyone deserves the chance to seek asylum. I feel like refugees should be allowed to come to Australia in hopes of salvation from times of war, political oppression or religious persecution. However, in my opinion, it is too dangerous to attempt to do so by boat. And once a refugee arrives in Australia, who’s to say that they won’t be stuck in an asylum centre for multiple years. Is being trapped, alone, in a foreign country and culture a better alternative? And then there is the argument that once refugees settle in to Australia, will they be taking jobs from Australian citizens? One could argue that it is better for refugees to be working, and contributing to society, rather than doing nothing. And that they are more likely to do jobs that many Australian citizens wouldn’t want to do themselves. It’s a lot to consider. And the question that seems to be unanswered, is how do you stop them getting on a boat?

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