Introduction – Adrian

I’m Adrian Cajili, a 19 year old Industrial Design student at RMIT. I was born in the Philippines and moved Australia with my parents and brother in 1995, Can’t really say much besides the fact that my life is social media, gaming and music.

I’ve always been interested in drawing, and design, specifically graphic and product design, and like I said in class ‘I love drawing cartoons’. I don’t know where I see myself after I graduate, I’m hoping the next 2 years shine light on my path for the future,

I’ve always been a fence sitter (I know…shocking), I was taught by my parents at an early age to just ‘never get involved’, from fights in school, on the streets, or with friends and family. I personally find it hard to choose a side in arguments, always worrying about the consequences and the people being affected.

For the class itself, I rarely voice my opinion on anything but entertainment and gaming news and want to get more involved with current news and events, and not just stand back and say “Woah…I dont even want to go there”.

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