The PNG refugee solution – My thoughts

Ill try not to rant to much about this,  First and foremost we must remember to think of  these are people we are talking about as people, just like you or I .  Most of which are leaving there country’s not because they want to, but because the have to.

“We do not need to be protected from asylum seekers: they need to be protected from their persecutors.” –  Julian Burnside

These people are not “illegals” as there are referred to as they have done nothing illegal. Everyone is entitled to seek Asylum in any country or territory, it is a human right. I think this issue is more about the portrayal of the people through the media that has now escalated it to a major issue for election.

“Border Protection” or “Border Security” implies we should be worried about these asylum seekers and should be considered threats to Australia and its people. But where is the evidence of this?

There must be a better way to treat these people while they are being processed?

I found the below article insightful.

It is more expensive and less humane, the PNG solution. We need to change.

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