Intro – Chris Worsley

So.. Im a 33 yr old, first year student.  Yep, thats right. First year.  I have spent my time since high school, starting my own businesses and working for both small and large companies in the fashion industry.  Footwear design is my driving passion and i have recently developed a line of shoes available from FAT stores around melbourne called 8th and Army which i’m proud of.

You can see a brief cv and some previous work on my own website below.

Clearly i wasn’t worried about Pine Gap when thinking of the URL for my site.

The reason i chose this course was because it was recommended to me by the few people i had spoke with regarding the course and also i was curious to find out what activism has to do with design.

I was surprised and challenged by Soumitri’s first two classes and i’m curious as to where this will lead in my own path/work.  What impact it will have?   I have worked for places that do not consider, consciousness or morality in their actions and i don’t want to continue to be apart of that.  I do believe in change, i have to, or as a mature age student i’m wasting my time. Right?

Required Selfie


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