Refugees – Alin

I see a refugee as someone seeking asylum, fleeing from persecution or danger in their home country due to war or being part of a persecuted social group.

The issue of ‘boat people’ being unquestionably exiled to Papua New Guinea is a difficult one to solve. I feel that approaching the situation with a more open mind is the right thing to do. Allowing refugees to enter Australia on either a temporary or special visa is without a doubt the humane choice. It also adds to Australia’s already dynamic culture.

If people argue that this isn’t their home and that they’re taking over, all I can think is that they need a new home and we shouldn’t be denying them that because of how they are arriving. I’m not saying to open Australia’s doors completely, but anything more so than our current situation.

Another argument I disagree with is people thinking and angers me somewhat, is people thinking that immigrants are taking our jobs. That is not the fault of the employees but the employers. They are willing to work harder for less pay, and in many cases, illegally low wages. That’s another matter all together though.

Back on topic, giving refugees the opportunity (I mean privilege, not right) to enter Australia is not a bad thing. They have a chance to build a new life, but they are also the ones that truly understand all positives and negatives of their home country. Combine this with a western point-of-view and they will be the individuals motivated and understanding enough to make a difference. They will also bring some of their culture to Australia, hopefully integrating with the current population instead of segregating themselves. Again however, that’s another matter.

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