Introduction – Alin

48181_10151229329770948_845731364_oMat (Alin) Coop is a 19 year old Industrial Design student at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Born to parents Michael Coop and Fatimah Mat-Aruf on the 21st of November 1993, Alin spent the first 5 years of his life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He attended primary and secondary school in Glen Waverley, before entering university in 2012. Somehow he’s still in the course and is currently undertaking the studies elective ‘Change’.

Unsure what to expect, Alin felt surprised when arriving late to his first class. ‘Building 13 should be between 12 and 14.’ He thought. Soumitri wasted no time connecting everyone via Twitter and introducing them to the WordPress blog. Many students weren’t sure how to feel (or rather – how they felt) when bombarded with questions and judgments in that first class, but they will undoubtedly attend the next one with an open mind.

Between window blinds moving on their own and projectors timing out, Alin tried to anticipate what awaited him in the semester ahead. It is only now in his reflection that he realises, he needs to forget what the teacher wants and focus on portraying his own thoughts and feelings about matters that arise in class. His classes this semester are all out of his comfort zone and he intends to make the most of that, instead of simply hiding until next semester. Alin is unsure why he’s typing in the third person, but it is too late to stop now.

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