Capacity building for AAA

It’s that time again. Shaking the tree to get action happening.

It’s 50 plus hours since I opened the programme to get some young minds engaging with being a citizen of the planet. And not a lot of action yet.

How does the world relate to each of us?
Do we take the world we inhabit as a given?
Something for others to shape?
Why don’t we ‘feel’ for the others?
Why do we live in a selfish lite world?
Who is at fault?
Why do we produce such minds that feel inhibited, small and inconsequential?
Where is the impatience if youth?
Why do the youth resemble the elderly?

Us this what the world has become- a retirement village?
I am ok, you are not okay?

Is life food, shopping and work?
Is life about being happy? Even if it is a shallow meaningless life?
An amusement park life?

Is this the good life?
Is it all about maintains a good life?

Isn’t this all – this kind of ‘pet’ life- spectacularly boring?

2 thoughts on “Capacity building for AAA

  1. namenews

    “How does the world relate to us?”

    We are all in fact apart of this system called “Life”, “Earth”, and “society” as a whole. We Earthlings are just as important as the trees, flowers, rivers, and lakes that are blessing this planet. The shape of the land is the mentality of the dwellers. If no one has been told, or shown rather, that their existence to this planet is VITAL for the future up-bringing of our future generations, then we destroy everything that the planet is naturally designed to do with us in it. Mother Earth is “OUR” (Earthlings) responsibility, I mean, we do live here as a family, right?

  2. namenews

    “Us this what the world has become- a retirement village?”

    In a way, yes. But, we are still able to be mobile, be active (if we want to) and live alone if need be.

    Now, if you would have said “has the world become a hospital, under the guide of research and experimentation?”

    Then yes, that is how Earth is running. From the medicines that flood our stores, to the gadgets and gizmos that fill every hand and pocket, these adventures are just apart of our everyday existence, many times without being noticed and understood.


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