Field Manual of Change: How to avoid junk food

Junk food companies are expanding more and more, there is almost no chance of keeping them from spreading. Junk food now are one of the factors that contribute to obesity cases in both children and adults. There are healthy food and there is junk/fast food. Junk food expands our choices of food so it is merely our choice of selecting. Because of the negative effects the junk food has brought many people to we tend to stand against it and to change their way of thinking. First if all why people nowadays are consuming more quantities of junk food is the due to a number of reasons. Mostly heard that they do not have the time for grocery shopping or to cook. Some say junk foods are tasty and find it hard to resist.

Well, here are reasons to not consume junk food. First of all, think of the ingredients in the food. Junk food tend to have more ingredients than they say. Chicken nuggets in some fast food chains contain chemical preservative called tertiary butylhydroquinone, which is extracted from petroleum. Furthermore mechanical separators are used in some chicken products making some waste scraps ended up in the final product. Secondly, we are not oblivious to how low quality for most junk food chains are. As the term suggests, fast foods are prepared fast to satisfy the excess demand which means they have less time to prepare food properly. Next, a lot of fast food products contain Trans-fats which could increase LDL cholesterol leading to increased risk of having Cardiac arrest. French fries, fried chicken and fried fish fillet are some examples.

There are various ways of avoiding junk food in our diets. All of which requires almost constant practice and strong willpower. Frist off is to make a plan on what food will you eat, cook and for when will you need to eat e.g. during lunch hours at work. Needless to say that this will ultimately change your lifestyle where you have to do according to the schedule you have made but you will find it in the end it was worth it. Should you missed a day to cook, do not resort immediately to any junk food you know. There are plenty of choices out there that are healthier and delicious at the same time. To do this, you should expand you culinary horizons. Try out different cuisines and delicacies that are from other restaurants.

In some cases you would want to get something instant instead of spending time to cook, getting junk food such as potato chips would defeat your true objective thus get a healthier alternative such as fruits. On the side note, a study indicated that bananas give the same sugar crash as cookies despite giving more nutrients than cookies. On the satiety index, the food that could get you feel full would be potatoes. It hit off the charts compared to cookies meat or bananas. That is one way to ease up the hunger in the mean time.

Sometimes it would look really tempting to have junk food when it is advertised in the media. At this point however resisting the temptation would be easier than it was before getting into avoidance of junk food manual. Resisting it would be the last step towards the manual. If that was not enough to convince you to not eat junk food then perhaps instilling fear into the junk food perceptive would work by watching an American documentary film, Super Size Me documenting the life of having fast food and see what happens.


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