Studying change this semester has helped me understand the complete overconsumption of material, inefficiency of manufacture and the social complexity of branding and trends.

Although my commitment to giving up excessive packaging did not last more than a week and a half, it had taught me a lot about how beneficial to my day to day energy cooking fresh food was. Also, it reignited my want to cook, rather than only do it when I need to. Now I frequently cook for my family and save much more money than eating out or getting take away that, not long ago was pretty much all I did and it has cost me a small fortune.


Studying Obesity, my interest was particularly in the younger generations, simply as they are more open minded about change and not set in any ways. The statistics of obesity are mind boggling, and the fact that almost all children that are obese as children suffer from depression later in life is an absolute shame. It has further helped me think of alternative ways to help me siblings, who are very much inclined to watch television than go and run around with the dog.


I highly recommend change as a studies elective as it does not reflect so much on history, but to learn and improve, it does not draw on particular styles, but particular ways of thinking and trends. Change is always relevant, and extremely effective when persevered with a following.


To be critical on myself I would say that what I have achieved personally and mentally can not be seen through my work, I think I struggled to articulate my understanding of change through the social networking mediums (twitter, wordpress). The in class discussions, extremely fast flow charts, tangents and video documentaries through class were all relevant and very engaging. Thinking how we can change things for the better gives a very inspiring and optimistic outlook, rather than accepting it and having a pessimistic perspective. Thank you Simoutri and Liam.

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