When it comes to deciding which design studies you want to enroll in, it would be best to look for the one with the title that you know well how it relates to design. That was what I thought in the beginning. However, over the course of the semester that policy won’t be applied in the future no longer because design studies is not about exploring about the things you may already know but to explore what you don’t know and that experience you gained becomes valuable. Design studies gets you mentally prepare for complications that are not encountered in any design stage and not make you unaware of all the things to do before jumping onto the drawing board.

Change: Advocacy/Activism/Agency is about what it is – change. To change is also to design. In this context we design or redesign ourselves and then the rest of the world to make the world a better place. At the start of the course I realized that information is valuable and in the modern society we are in, we are able to share those important information to anyone at anytime. The use of twitter was the start of the course. Twitter, is used as a tool for that information sharing. Unbeknownst to the use and power of Twitter, I saw myself like a barbarian struggling myself working around it. It made me realize that I wasn’t the sharing type and had resolve to change that but sharing isn’t the only thing I could do, I can look at what other people have shared also.

As we progressed we were all were told to give up something so in my group we decided to give up coffee which means no Starbucks..unless it is not coffee. Wait, I rarely get coffee from there what is there to be upset about? So each of the group members gave up coffee except for a few that only gave up coffee after 2 or 3 weeks. What the giving up for was to make us aware of in our case how its made and how the workers were paid and so on. We all have come to a decision on giving up coffee because of Fair Trade in coffee workers. I find that the activities we did were quite interesting unlike any other design studies I’ve been enrolled to like the giving up or the use of social media as an awareness distributer.

Overall it was an interesting class because we were all had a common goal and all of us in the group would understand better of what we need to change and how would we do it.  All of us have this desire to change. It keeps us restless if no action is taken. The class reawakens that desire to make change and would get me to revisit the things that in need of change . And not often we get to voice out for change whether to change ourselves or our surroundings. With everyone had the common sense of thinking, it served as a motivation to progress to even greater lengths.

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