Human & Wildlife are in the same “Group”

As we all well known, human and wildlife both are the “VIP” on the earth, but during the urbanization and industrialization, the habitat of wildlife becoming much more less than before. Seriously, We have to make the change.

There are two types city in nowadays, “Industrialized city” and “Garden city.

The first one is focusing on industrialization & urbanization and generally the residents in there have low education. Therefore, wildlife normally will not stay in the city like that. Here are couples   of reason why wildlife will not stay in the Industrialized city. First of all, people generally prefer their house stay away from the city and factories, so do wildlife. Will anyone sleep on the branch or eat the grass on the ground? No, then how can the wildlife live in a place that only got building and cement ground? Some cities will plant some trees on the side of the road and believe that can keep the balance of the ecological environment. What a joke. Obviously people will not live in the forest even there are some beds under the trees. Imagine that you’re standing in the very center of a large city complete with roads, skyscrapers, traffic, noise and pollution. How much wildlife is there around you? How many species are there? How much of what you see is native?

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in Asia.  It is also a country which is experiencing rapid urbanization. The growth of Dhaka, the capital city, is even faster.  In recent years, the city has experienced a significant growth of industrial, commercial and service sector activities, apart from its population growth and physical expansion. Physical expansion has taken place in all directions especially towards the north.  Much of this growth has taken place without planning, which has caused massive environmental deterioration. This paper provides evidence as to how the rapid growth of population and unplanned human activities in Dhaka Megacity region deteriorated its natural environment, especially how the rivers and other wetlands in and around Dhaka city were destroyed. How can the wildlife live in the city with black color river and horrible air environment.

The second one is more like an evolution of the first one. Good environment with no factories and resident in there start to know how important the ecological environment is. There are nice garden in the city and suburb instead of the trees on the side of the road and people also can see some of the wildlife like pigeon walk on the street.

For example Melbourne, Melbourne’s parks and gardens are home to a wide variety of native Australian animals. Types of wildlife in Melbourne’s parks and gardens include brushtail and ringtail possums, kookaburras, owls, tawny frog mouths, kingfishers, rainbow lorikeets, yellow tailed black cockatoos, blue tongue lizards, white skinks, grey heading foxes, micro bats and a variety of frog species. All Australian native animals are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. It is an offence to take, harm, or disturb the wildlife. Hunting, trapping or injuring animals including possums and ducks in public parks and gardens is illegal and fines apply.

However, that’s far less than enough.

There are much more than 20,000 zoos in the world but can anyone imagine that there is a tiger walking on the Times Square but no one will scare of it? That’s exactly what we are looking forward to and that’s not a dream either. Wildlife living with people can be possible by having a good training or producing a kind of medicine of it. Isn’t it pretty cool to sleep with a tiger or crocodile.

Whereas, people would say that if tiger become a pet that’s no longer wildlife. What this essay going to explant is we should not set the group for human and wildlife and even plants. No matter “group human”, “group wildlife” and “group plants”, they are actually in the same group that called “group globe”. Same as teachers teach their students not to kill people, people should also need to teach wildlife not to kill people and any others animals either. What does the wildlife need is it’s own habitat and living place not the prison (the zoo). Human build up unlimited roads for themselves can also build up the road for the wildlife.

However, be friend with the wildlife and live with the wildlife doesn’t mean people shouldn’t eat meat. Especially because of they break the balance of the ecological environment, they have more responsibility to save it. Once people kill a hen, they have to give a good growth environment to her children at least until they become a hen.

Furthermore, the population of human still need to be controlled, people will not care about wildlife’s habitat when they are suffering on finding a home for themselves needless to say build up a road for wildlife.

Of course, what this essay talking about may be a ridiculous joke to anyone in nowadays, but there still need someone to go for the first step, same as no one believes that people can walk on the moon until Armstrong walked out from the spaceship. Human need to change their mind, try to live wildlife’s life and let them walk into human’s life as well which is mean that people should take “human” & ”wildlife” these two words out of their mind and think “wildlife” as “human” or maybe kind of foreigner.

Human & wildlife are in the same group.



1 thought on “Human & Wildlife are in the same “Group”

  1. namenews

    I do agree with a couple of points that you make. The fact that humans are tearing away the natural landscapes of this planet for urbanization – this is REALLY becoming a new norm. Also, the fact that humans and wildlife are definitely in the same group, making up a unique section within wildlife. Creating natural habitats for select species would be an awesome idea, not just a zoo like money maker, but an actual, legit environment.

    But on the other hand, attempting to live among certain animals beyond our norm, (bears, deer, crocodiles / alligators, etc.) into the idea of living with tigers and lions, I think this one might need further review. I love the animals, do not get me wrong, but if someone happen to be out on a stroll uptown and a particular lion is hungry at that moment, that lions natural instinct of “gathering” food to eat just might kick-in at that time.

    Even on another idea, the aspect of having new wildlife within this modern society of transportation, we may see a rise in the automobile accident department as well. “I was running late for work, and the kangaroo just leaped right out in front of my car.”

    Interesting post, nevertheless.



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