Critical Reflection


When I chose “change” to be my first semester design studies, I though it should be much more fun than others because it’s name, which is the most important element for Industrial design and even all the design courses.


Whereas, I though I was wrong after few weeks class, I was really confusing on how can an action called tweet become a project to a university student and you can even tweet whatever you want.

The less challenges, the less incentives. I didn’t do a good job on the first assignment because I though it’s useless for my study but now when I think backward, I realize that I was really wrong.

As a common sense, you can’t change anything by keep twitting 2 tweets a day but you actually change yourself while you doing this such a repetitive work. You start to use Twitter what’s the application that well known all over the world but you’ve never try. You start to find something cool or interesting to share with your “flowers” then you will know at least two interesting news a day consciously. I suddenly realized that how sweet our teachers are, they were pushing me to make some change in my daily life. The more you’ve changed, the more new ideas for your design come into your mind. 

After the second and the third assignment, I’ve learned much more than ever about what design is. Design is one of the most important skills for human to change the world. During these two assignments study, we all find something negative in our life at the moment, then we think some solutions to deal with that which didn’t seems to be an assignment for Industrial design student but is important for every design students. We find something need to be improved then we improve it or we find something we need in our life then we create it, that’s design.

In addiction, it’s much more fun and much more useful than I thought in changeAAA. I have so many things need to learn and need to do on the way of design learning and changeAAA is no doubt that should be one of the most wonderful station on this way.





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