Task Four: Critical Self-reflection

Task Four: Critical Self-reflection

I stepped into this class not really knowing what it would be about “one of the reasons I chose the course”. My first lesson in the class I was automatically engaged by interesting topics and debates that were brought up by fellow classmates and the teacher. Video and text material were provided to us, which gave me insight into events that I would never think occurred throughout the world.

We were quickly introduced to the world of “Twitter”. The purpose of the network sharing medium was a way to share information and news to a vast number of people. Our task was to “tweet” at least or twice a day on our own #changeaaa twitter channel, with anything we found interesting that related to the course study. I personally was hesitant of using twitter as I don’t usually use social media a lot, however as the course progressed I slowly convinced myself to give it a try. I found that it was easier and interesting than I thought. Twitter as a whole I think can provide one with a lot of information quickly and effectively, however it can be hard to be familiar for someone who isn’t really a social media user.

Word press was the next social medium “blog” that we were introduced to. Similar to twitter, it was a space we our class as whole could post information/blogs about advocacy and activism issues that came to mind that allowed other users to view and read our articles. One of our first assignments was to do an info graphic poster related to a particular topic or issue. I chose to do my poster on donating blood and the importance to do so. It gave me a lot of insight on how much blood is used in Australia but more importantly why we need it. This assignment gave me not only information but an incentive to actually donate blood myself. The reason was that I knew my blood could save hundreds of lives and even my own life, when I need a blood transfusion. I discovered the mass network of links between several different hospitality clinics and how blood is one of the major structural foundations of saving lives and ultimately sustaining a clinic. Other groups also provided other topics with the info graphics which increased by awareness of other issues and problems. Ultimately this task widened my view and made me think more selflessly and not just myself.

During the course what I decided to give up buying and using bottled water. I discovered Bottled water produced up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and 80 percent of plastic bottles are simply thrown away which creates problems within the environment killing animals and habitats. As I response I only drank from a metal bottle I bought from a store that was environmentally friendly. This giving up task made me think about other things that I never really payed attention too, such as health, environmental and global problems that exist in the world. I realised that our actions have much greater consequences then we thought.

Our last task I did in a group was about the obesity epidemic and how it is slowly taking over Australia. We researched and planned several scenarios that we thought that could combat and help stop the problem and as a result our group provided several clever ideas and plans we thought could help provide Australia a more healthier and suitable living future. This task gave us the opportunity to give our own views on obesity and how we thought we could try and stop the ever growing problem.

During the 13 weeks studying this course I not only learnt about activism and advocacy but I was exposed to issues and areas that I never knew existed. I discovered new and innovated projects that can shape the future of the world and how I can somehow be part of that movement. This course has made me think outside my confounds of myself and to realise that even small things can change the world. That one man’s action can ultimately transform into something bigger than anyone can ever comprehend.



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