Reflection of change

When I did my very first semester I got told “Design is a process”. This sentence has been with me in the back of my head and it makes more and more sense. When I started semester 3 and the change course I was thrown into an area which I didn’t know much about. I still feel like I don’t but I’ve had now 14 weeks to get my head around things which is enough time to understand the basics and avoid confusion.
At the start, Twitter was quite confusing because my history of Twitter was one post in two years. That post was in Swedish saying: Will I ever use Twitter? Going from that to one or several posts a day was a big change but during that time I realised what power Twitter can have. People who had blogs and online papers started to “tag” me about providing links to articles that they posted. That was very inspiring and I saw how a network was growing, people linking other people to either actions or creations etc. The Twitter part of this course was very useful and I’m in complete belief that Twitter is going to be a future tool of mine. Not only to connect with like-minded people but also to promote myself and my work.

When we took on the next part of the course I got this feeling that we were on an iceberg. What I meant was, we could study this subject for 9 weeks and still we would just have scratched the surface. The study of how design changes our lives is enormous. It is impossible to learn this in this short time.

I had the luck of being in two very functional groups with a lot of motivated people. First group with the Info-graphic where I was the team leader we did a lot of research but we should have started the poster earlier. I know it’s a very common problem and you end up doing last minute work. Thanks to amazing group members we manage to pull it off. I think if we would have started earlier, the outcome would have been pretty much the same but there would have been less stress. All in all I was happy with our outcome and the understanding in the subject.

The second group was also very inspirational, this project we didn’t really have any team leader but everyone was very much leveled in input and opinions. I think this project was better balanced and we worked more constantly so there was less stress at the end. I believe the graphic parts in both projects were the major job, as in time demanding.

This whole class made me more interested in behaviours. How and why people act like they do and what you can do to change it. I think this is going to be a growing interest within me combined with a very technical interest in e.g. product design.

With our task of giving up, I struggled a bit. I was giving up paper cups which meant, giving up coffee during the day unless I had my own cup. This made me not buy coffee at all. So not only did I give up cups but also day time coffee. Not a bad thing, but it was an effect that I didn’t see coming.

My personal change during this class has been to be more questioning. I’m going to ask myself more often: “Where did this come from” or “How did they make this”, questions that’s often forgotten in the world of consumerism. I’m going to be more self-critical of how I’m using things. What I do to contribute to our modern society and how can I cause a ripple effect that will make others change.

It’s a tempting thought of change and how small things can affect the masses in such a way. Important or not but the effect and the behaviour of people is the most interesting part for me.

During the second semester I undertook Interaction Design where we talked a lot about how we use things, but also how behaviour affects others. I can understand how all of these design studies connects together and kind of “framing” this massive subject of design.

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