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In this semester, I select change as my studies course. It is quite different with the other studies, not basic on one theme to learn, but pay more attention to the broader themes to change from
behaviors to minds. In the first three weeks, Soumitri’s class for me is very innovative and interesting. His enthusiasm of life and design deeply impressed me. In the rest of course, Liam exchange many ideas, informations and theories with us. Those informations and theories affect us unconsciously. For the group work, I am so lucky to have two excellent groups in this semester. My group members are hard workers and have all different knowledges I can learn from.

From the fourteen weeks, the most important thing I learned is from teamwork. For me, teamwork is a good way to build up the confidence. Also a fast way to discovery the weakness and learn from others works. In the group works, I saw the quick information-gathering capability and good computer skills from other members. During the group discussion, I also can listen to other members’ views to balance my view. On some aspect, group work shared the pressure of academic, it also inspired members to complete the task better.

Secondly, I have knowledge of lots of new issues and informations, especially the facts about over consumption and paper cups. In the future, I will consider more issues affected to my works and also in my life. Although some information cannot be affected to my life in a short period, in the subconscious has already influenced my view. I have more angles to see the things.

Here I found an interesting opinion is about people’s minds. People are senior animals with self-thinking ability, most of things can be figured out by themselves. However, lots of knowledge or information transform into people’s brains such as videos or news, the ability to think by themselves will be replaced by recieving incoming information. So everyone may have a different view of things, but it becomes a lot of people have the same knowledge. The opinion above may be right, may be wrong. But it is really interesting to think about the things in different angles.

Thirdly, choose the things or behaviors around you to give up is quite a good way to access the topic change. I am not the person who likes to change, however, it really works for me. We found so many things to change to make the world better. Everyone gather their own ideas together, the ideas formed into the wisdom. Although twitter and WordPress are challenging ways for me to post ideas, they are really good and exciting ways to see other people’s opinions around the world.

All in all, it is really an enjoyable course in the busy design collage. I like the way Liam and Soumitri communicate with students in class, it is relax and effectively.
The way to hold the class is greatly close the distance between each others, and communication also allows us to get a valuable experience from others.

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