Looking back 14 classes of Change: Design as advocacy/activism/agency (ChangeAAA) have passed at this time when I’m writing this essay , i realize that i did gained a lot of thing and improve my think in the best way. Those classes influenced me in my thinking, vision, approaching ideas in the future.

To be honest, in the first few weeks, I had no definition about changeAAA. I thought it is a small range of changing designs instead of making human life enlightening. However, during 14week classes, all i gained were high quality and quantity knowledge; cooperating with other member; exchanging idea which will help me in the future. ChangeAAA is definitely valuable for everyone because the topic doesn’t have any boundary about human and our environment. It is aiming people save the world, and expands people life which is related with design thinks.

Firstly, looking back about myself, ChangeAAA have improved my mind from a normal person to activism. It means to me by somehow and my strategies not only focus in the appearances, ability but also it will impact on human life and guide it in a better way. For example, we are facing with global warming which is a controversial issue. People have to give a hand to help the earth. We had made mistakes and we have to solve it by reducing co2 emission or giving up plastic bags. If people just do two things can make our environment greener and protect habitat and animals as well. I still remember second assignment about giving up something. Our group choose stop drinking coffee for a while. At the start, I thought coffee just a normal drink to keep people awake. However, we realises it become really harmful drink if people abuse it. It attacks heart, your mind and reduce the quality of work. Moreover, stop drinking coffee is a way to control paper cup used. One of another thing is that i was impressed by the video about Steven hawking who has saved many people from motor neuron disease. It make me can’t believe in my eye. It was magical and humanity. He created a machine that help them can communicate with other people. They felt more confident to live and over cross the disease in physical and their mind as well.

Next, I had no awareness about that social network before taking part in ChangeAAA classes. However, it is exact the education system. Basically, i always gain many ideas and news that happen in all around the world every day. It has no limits category so i can learn more objects instead of only design. Therefore, twitter contributes my studies by giving more options than before. I should pay attention about my design that can defend the earth from global warm and environment issues. I also can communicate with other members in twitter. Similar with it, WordPress is a kind of blog that we can share information to each other. It’s really helpful because it presents our thinking or difficult solves about topics. Everyone always has different ideas in a field so i gained huge information every day.

Thirdly, ChangeAAA course gave me an opportunity to improve using illustrator. I spent a long time in the group work to make an info-graphic poster. In depth, our group worked together well because members exchanged indication and helped each other how to analysis and arrange layout. Moreover, we divided a number of works similarly so everyone can finish them perfectly. It’s not only i do my own work; i have to coordinate with my group the get the best work.


In the conclusion, ChangeAAA is beneficial for all designers in general. For me, it guides my ideas improving in design’s ability in protecting environment and human needs. The design will turn into more accessibility and eco-friendly.



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