After undertaking the change design class, I observed a number of new things and while doing this I took notes during every class. For this class I explored how important is change in people’s life. I began with the research and reading to get better understanding about change. I identified the particular change in particular project, as well as find the difference between different change designs. I have to obtain ‘deep understanding’ and ‘deep knowledge’ through the change class. There is heaps of useful knowledge to solve the problems and make changes to improve existing design. We also came up with a group for the tasks. For making a reflection on the details of experiences of working as a member of urbanization group, this essay will firstly make an argument comprising discussion and analysis of the roles of members and state what I learnt from the task.

I learnt how to use Twitter and WordPress and how it changed my day. When Soumitri ask us to do twitter things and wordpress, I didn’t fully understand what the point of doing this? So I carry my curiosity first try to write some on twitter, but I just feel awkward and don’t know what I should say. After few days, I kept play with twitter, I started to get involved into that huge environment. Those cyber spaces allow all of us share our idea and so much fun from it. I keep checking what going on the twitter every day when I am free. It really changed my way to look at the world, especially for daily news and lots of latest update information. I could communicate with the whole world just by simply upload something from my phone. I felt it was really powerful tool nowadays for high speed life style.

Also I motivated by the second task which is urbanization. I never thought I can finish 10 x A0 detailed scenarios in 3 days. The most difficult part was I want to draw all the parts come up really fine. Not like a rush work, also not let my team down. So I pushed myself harder and harder keep my eyes open and finish it.

I strong believe there is no perfect person, only perfect team. A member may carry out several roles or several members play one role. Each role acted is indispensable to team and each role has its disadvantages and advantages. So for the team works, I pushed myself to make the work perfect during the process of achieving the goal. For the first task with sourmitri, I collect all the group member’s ideas and their contents, and then I finished the group poster by illustrator and visualize them up. For the second task with Liam, I did pretty much same thing as last task from sourmitri, so drawing stuff was all my work. I drew 10 scenarios which mean everyone’s in my group and using illustrator put them into A0 poster. As well as other group members they did really good works too. So we got clearly idea who does what, who had to shoulder what responsibility.

Another lesson to me from ChangeAAA is that better understanding about what should designers do and how design makes better world in terms of environment, sustainable design, human health etc. I started to realize why design is necessary for us, because only design can make the change to our life and improve the technology, environment and protect our earth. That is the point for we are exist on the earth and continuing. If without design, our future will be blind and human cannot push themselves to the bright future. It is the key feature for better world, for human future. In another word, no design no future. So I realized how important design is and how great impact will it bring to us. Also a good design can bring to us positive energy and push people spiritual to another high level. So I really enjoyed the semester with ChangAAA, it brought me too much great ideas and better know about the change in design.

In conclusion, ChangeAAA gave me unique learning experiences during the class. It provides different chances to me such as drawing practice, writing ability, speech skill and group management. I will continue absorb more and more knowledge in future studies and appreciate ChangeAAA with great tutors.

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