This course is different to other course, it gave me a new understanding of the world, whether it is development, environmental issues and the humanities.The conversation with teacher and classmates give me a lot of new knowledge. Before joining in this class, I never post something online, because I don’t even have the twitter, blog, and sort of stuff. Remember the first time Soumitiri taught us to using twitter, I was thinking why should I using that? After I sign in twitter account and post my first twit, I feel to communicate with peopleonline is not bad, so I start to post learning summary from each class and share with classmates and friends. Twitter has become my dairy task, every summaries I have post will become my valuable experiences in the future. Also, the word press is a new thing to me, although it’s not that impress as twitter.

Thru the first five weeks,I have learnt what responsibilities should global citizenship take and how neuro switch should help disabled people facing their lives. I also have learned what is activism, although activism in my opinion is a very extreme, but I am still very admirable activist. They can lead others, to dominate the mainstream, dare expose the truth, activistscan change the world. As a designer, I feel that we should have these characteristics. Keep the passion on discover the new thing, good at discovering new thing in the world and to correctly position and analyze them, can help designer create the unique thing. So, in my opinion, designer can also be an activist.

The group assignment is a great team work experiences, we did a detail research of waste in the world at first assignment. My research gives me many terrible datas of waste on palm oil. It helps me understand the objects around us, contains so many problems, such as harm to the environment, natural resource consumption. I learned to see the nature of things, the things that can help to humans may also be able to destroy mankind.

Another research is urbanization which is my second assignment. As a Chinese, I’m attach importanceto urbanization, because China is suffering with the urbanization problem for along time. After talking with Liam, I have concluded the main reason for China’s urbanization is overpopulation. Otherwise, urbanization in Melbourne is not obvious is because population rarely. After these investigations, I amacutely aware of the face of the energy crisis of the environment, people should reflect on their own. The development with pollution first, then do the treatment is not the only ways change developing countries towards to thedeveloped countries. Improve theoverall environmental awareness will essentially reduce environmental pollutionin developing countries. The scenario is a good way to elaborate a story, and expression the meaning in the story. Thru this group work, I learned to analysis the nature of things has to be comprehensively, more comprehensively will find the problem easier.

Finally, I want to say that I have benefited from this class. It gives me motivation, inspired my inspiration on design and changed my attitude to design. Also, it gives me the passion on design and the persistent on explore the problem, it will be my valuable experience in my future study.

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