Over this duration in this study I have gain much information and knowledge about the world around us. And that the idea that in this digital would we are now living in everyone is connected, allowing the sharing of ideas and opinions to flow easily to almost everyone on this planet.

The introduction of Twitter by Soumitri to me was quiet a new concept to me, having never used twitter before I found it slightly strange and maybe having my personal space invaded that anybody from the planet could see what I am post without me knowing who are they. But as time goes by I realized that twitter can also be a place where like minded people talk and share, but still being a little overwhelming with the amount of information being shown to me.

With the blogging I found it difficult to maintain a constant blogging as it was hard to select a topic to talk about, but from reading some blogs by other people I have learnt a lot of new things.

Having learnt about the impacts that small things could make towards something large was interesting and really mind opening for me. Knowing that each person affects something by their own decisions really made me think of my own impact I am making whether it is a negative impact or positive one does put some responsibility to the way you are making my judgments.

Having not noticing that everything is linked to everything even the most minuet detail, that they are all part of one system or another, has really made me consider to think of all spectrums for future works during design and not just a product itself, but also its life cycle, labor, materials, to even the process of making it. Seeing more that the outer shell of design it has revealed itself to be an extremely complex and sophisticated system.

The drinking less coffee assignment affected me directly as I have now consume less coffee and in while doing so know the cause of drinking less coffee. Learning that coffee farms can also take over forest land by deforestation and that there are underpaid coffee farms makes it clear to the reason for giving up coffee or buying fair trade. However learning that coffee was 2nd in the trade market and if coffee was stopped all together, many people will lose their jobs and possibly an economy crash might happen so now it does not put this picture in black or white but a shade of gray.

So from this when ever looking into a topic of “sustainability “ or any topic, be sure to look at all aspects and not just one side of the story.

Overall I could say that this semester I have learnt that sustainability isn’t just about saving the environment, but also the vast complex system that we are working in and that we could make change to the world, but only one step at a time and with precaution with each step as one false step could affect something big down the line.

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