Field Manual                                                                                        Patrick Tran



In today’s society of mass production of food and the dramatic increase in the varieties of food and choices of consumable products, we have grown to become a fast food gorging society. Our habits and values in life have changed greatly over the past hundred years. Since the introduction of the Internet and television, fast food marketing and fitness programs have been bombarding our minds with images that influence our decisions daily. There is this tug of war that happens every time within our minds whenever we a presented with the decision to deluge ourselves to the unrealistic imagery of food presented on billboards and ads or our influenced views on health by societies set norm.

Obesity is a growing problem of disproportional weight for the future. Many of these obesity problems are most caused by the resultant of not just unhealthy foods but also caused by our own personal habits, such as taking in food, in across a very short duration of time. The habits that we developed over these past fifty years have been habits of self-destruction. This steady downward spiral of obesity that we are making our destiny is the unfortunate social world class that we have formed, that most of the middle class and upper class people don’t appreciate food and family values as much as those living in the third world countries. In order to make changes to these things that are in a way causing obesity we need to be;


Be Aware


We need to be aware of the certain types of unnecessary food we are taking into our fragile body system. Be alert of the steep increase of over weighted individuals in the population, which are most likely the byproduct of the twenty-first centuries technological advancements and incorporation of it into our lives. Affecting the way we mass-produce foods, spend our time and the way we raise our children. A simple example of how technology is influencing us, would be how we would choose to get to work, most people would drive to work, but they are not realizing that during peak traffic hour times, that a cyclist would be travelling much fast than a person in a car crawling in traffic.


Be aware of the fact that many foods have excess levels of processed fats and sugars that we do not need .a surprising example would be Coca-Cola’s icon soft drink the coke. It contains high concentrations of sugars in a can that if we were to take in this sugar our body would immediately throw up. But because there is an added substance called phosphoric acid is used to suppress the overwhelming sweetness flavor that would result to throwing up the soft drink.


Our Values


Think of the true values in our now short lifetime as a result of the unhealthy habits we have now developed. Within todays fast paced society and the mindset where time is money. We have successfully made ourselves into biological robotic drones, having only one goal, to earn as much as possible within the least amount of time. Whether it is during meal times or the time we take to travel, we would also somehow try to spend as little time as possible on this things and spend those hours on that “last paper or task” we keep telling our family.  Is time and money really all that more important than the lives of our own and the lives of our children.


The Habit


Humans respond quit negatively to the motion of change. A well-known scenario would be Facebook’s update, each time there is an update people would react quit negatively and with much dislike to the new change. Living in this society where change is mostly viewed as a negative event, we have inevitably trained our minds to reject and fear change. With this social fence in place we have stuck to the same regular routine that we go through everyday, such as taking the train to work instead of riding to work, even though it is healthy we fear the consequences of being late or fired from the job that we sacrificed our health for. There have been writing saying that to set a habit only takes one month. But for many people this maybe a struggle, to break the bad habits such as excessively eating unhealthy food and start up new healthy habits you should take small and gradual steps towards the intended goal and stay mentally strong in order to hold up the promise you’ve made to yourself. But it is advised to start up a new habit only one at a time in order to have a higher possibility to successfully achieve your intended goal. Keeping track of your habit with a calendar is a great way to encourage self-confidence and self- appreciate ones self.





Diets and food regimes should be approached with a clear understanding of the human dietary needs and an uncorrupted mindset. That is under the influence of fast and easy diet programs or supplements. A balanced diet is essential, but what does balance mean? Well consuming a variety of foods both vegetables, fruits and meat are the basic diet in which us humans have learnt to adapt to. But due to the twenty first century of mass production of fast food we have developed obesity and other various health problems. Selecting a this balance diet and possibly taking the time to eat food at a normal pace instead of gorging the meal as fast as possible would allow the body to be quite normal and not over weighted. The positive aspect of lengthening meal times is that at the dinner table a family will have the time to share stories and bond more closely, making meal time more enjoyable and much more interesting and mentally healthy than eating in front of a screen.


So in the end we should really take notice and treasure the things that are most important even though they may not appear that way at first glance. So, by eating and burying ourselves in mountains of processed sugar and saturated fats, while wasting mountains of food each day at the rate we are now in, we are in fact killing our children, our planet and ourselves. Behind every soda and every chip packet is another tragic story of a person’s life being shortened down that is to be revealed.

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