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Mobile Phone Addiction
Thirty years ago, few people could have imagined that the Mobile phone would impact us so greatly. Nowadays, it has become a global business earning billions of dollars each year. Even now we are only beginning to realize it is potential: Online shopping; live online meeting, to name just a few. While asserting that mobile phone has brought us numerous benefits, others show their anxiety. This essay is going to discuss the effects, both positive and negative of mobile phone and give my opinion how to change it

The use and the definition of mobile phone is undergoing reinterpretation as the mobile phone blurs the distinction between personal communicator and mass media. The mobile phone has become one of the most omnipresent communication devices within the past decade. According to statistics, mobile phones used to be an esoteric device. Today, the mobile phone is certainly the most pervasive communicative device that people carry.

The mobile phone can connect people “anytime”, “anywhere” and with “anybody”, with the added benefit of ability and portability. Especially in Korea and US, mobile phone use has proliferated since the first service was launched 15 years ago.

In fact, mobile phone technology is becoming more advanced every year, especially in the Korean market. For example, new mobile phone models are offered every 3 months from numerous manufacturers. Also, mobile phone users now can watch movies, play video games, listen to music, and pay for goods and services and so forth. Hence the mobile phone is “more than meets the eye”

It is manifest that the advantages of Mobile phone are various. On the top of the bonus list is that it offers us great convenience. Since Mobile phone break the geographical barrier, therefore it spares us much labor source. Convincing examples abounds in such areas that sending a letter is as easy as typing and pressing “send”, we can shop and compare price with touch on the phone screen and therefore spare the chore of looking around in shops, and without ever leaving the comfort of our homes more and more people can work remotely, so they can spare the chore of traveling back and forth between home and office etc.. Thus spend more time with family.
Another positive side of mobile phone is its cost-effective way. Due to the fact that mobile phones provide us with plenty of free resource and service, therefore it helped to cut expense in our daily life.
In spite of the fact that Mobile phone, as mentioned above, indeed generates impressive advantages it is not without disadvantages. If “convenience” is what we gain from all of those services provide by mobile phone, then people’s health is one of thing we lose.
Resulting from the fact that such phone dependent lifestyle locks people into it. It can induce many illnesses.

Top 10 Signs of Cell Phone Addiction.
1. You’ve spent more on accessories than on your phone.
2. You have 30 different apps installed. And use them all.
3. You have alarms telling you when to do everything in your life.
4. You read about your phone on your phone.
5. You’ve cut back on necessities to afford your $100 a month cell phone bill.
6. A full battery charge barely lasts the day.
7. You broke it, and it feels like you lost a friend
8. When you meet people with the same phone, you can only talk about the phone.
9. You feel a brief moment of panic when you touch your pocket or grope to the bottom of your purse and it’s gone.
10. You use it in the bathroom.

For example, every day in the morning, Li starts his mobile phone firstly after getting up .In the whole day,no matter whether in the classroom, or on campus, everywhere students can be seen staring at mobile phone and moving fingers on the screen, noticing nothing around them. Even if they put phones into their pocket, but before long, they will take the phones out and repeat the action they took before. Li is one of these “attentive” guys and don’t feel surprised. As if there are two things college students can do, one is staring at the screen and the other is moving their fingers.
Such a scene in the university can be found everywhere. The mobile phone has become the second necessary next to the textbook for college students. In recent years, along with smart phones and mobile networks gradually popularized, college students have been able to finish most tasks on their mobile phones which can only been completed on the computer before, such as looking through the news, deal with documents and playing complex games. And cell phone is easy to carry, making it convenient to kill time.

According to the survey, most students spend about 1 hour a day playing the phone. And 50 percent of the students own a smart phone. Among these students, most of them mainly read the news and twitter. Several play games on the phone. But most students who was interviewed admitted that to use the phone over and over is not necessary and they just kill the time even if they are busy in doing other things.
Why is mobile phone so charming and attractive to college students? Maybe the answer is in the response of one student. For the real world is hard to please and other people in your life is more and more indifferent, We want to escape from it by throwing ourselves into the phone’s world . ”Mobile phone provide a way to “save” student who has lost passion to face everything.

However, no matter how useful and entertaining the phone is, few would deny that overuse of the phone is becoming a potential threat to college students. Our daily life has been occupied by phones and study is deserted by students.
The phone is a useful tool for us student to rich our life but we should not be enslaved by it. Since no effective technical or psychological means are available, it is necessary to raise the awareness of the harm it does to our life. Whether we can be the phone’s host depends on ourselves. Though it is a hard progress to get rid of relying on phones, if we succeed, the phone will help you make great progress and enjoy rich life.

So the first issue with mobile phone is that great impact on health, since the high tech products based on network, so the radiation brings medical issues like heart and brain illnesses. The second issue is untruthful information from phone, due to it is lack of facial expression and unaware of the what is happening, people could easily fabricate the truth even cause crime. Also people spend too much time on mobile phone can lead people to stick with the phone just like taking drugs. Most people just waste too much time in their phone. The biggest sign of phone addiction is that if you just keep checking your phone every minute, but you know there is nothing you could play with but you just keep repeat check it. This is addiction!

From what I mention above, it is time to change this situation and help people get rid of it.
It is really wicked problem because it is too large proportion to control with. For the wicked problem solution, we cannot total wipe out the issue, we only can reduce it.

The most useful and greatest solution is let people better know about how bad is phone addiction. Only make better awareness to people can make people use it right but not put their life on it. So the information could deliver to phone uses in various ways in terms of government publish advertisements on public area, posters and pop up warning title when people using the phone out of time.
Another way to prevent teenagers get addicts on phone is that some software should rise up their age limitation. This is efficient way to lock teenagers away from potential addiction problem.

In another solution area, the technical persons could create new software to let teenager’s parents install the software on their phone. The software could have time limits clock and it will turn off automatically if users keep checking the phone or play games etc..

In conclusion, there are many ways to change mobile phone addiction issue, although such technology has the potential to create both positive and negative outcomes. Only through better adopting and adapting mobile phone can people survive and thrive in the future.


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