Palm oil- A consumer awareness manual. Hardy Thomas

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What is palm oil?

Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fruit of the African oil palm tree.(1)
Palm oil can be found in up to 50% of supermarket products, for example, bread, chips, hair products and deodorant. It’s what gives beauty products that silky smooth creamy texture.
It’s derived from the kernel of oil palm trees. These trees thrive in humid tropical climates. Palm oil makes up more about a third of the 151 million tonnes of vegetable oil produced worldwide and is primarily produced by Indonesia and Malaysia on the Island of Borneo. (2)



Why it’s produced.

Palm oil produces more oil per yield compared to any other vegetable oil crop. Up to ten times less land is need to produce oil palm trees and it’s completely GM free.(3) Therefore it could be argued as the most environmentally sustainable producer of vegetable oil.

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