Reflection for class

Throughout the class, I continuously gained knowledge and wisdom. Though many times the things I learned were not directly related to the industrial design in an obvious way, I appreciated them. The class made me think and want to better myself. The lessons I have learned from the course have made me think differently and see things from a different light. In the past, I saw design as something beautiful yet practical, but as we dove deeper into studying about the repercussions products have on people, society, and nature, I started to see design as something more than just pretty things.


Everything has an active network system which directly or indirectly affects everything around it. Each actor in the system has a role and keeping that role keeps the balance of how things work. By altering the way an actor behaves, even in the slightest way, the whole system is affected and changed. Sometimes, this change is good, while others it is harmful to the balance of things. This class has been teaching me, by making me realise for myself, that everyone can make a difference, though the difference may not seem noticeable. Each person, creature, product is important. Each choice is system altering.


The most important thing I’ve learned during the course is to think carefully over each decision I make, to think about whether I am making either a positive or negative impact. It’s natural to not want to be a burden on the world, but it doesn’t come naturally to me to actually make the right choices. It’s so easy for me to make the decision based on how I feel and what is better for me. I’ve realised this is extremely selfish and will most likely not benefit the world. Instead, I’ve learned that in order to improve the world, I need to live more selflessly. I need to think of others before I act, how it will affect them, the society they are in, the environment, and all the other actors. The effects of my actions may not be seen in close proximity to my location, but they will definitely make a difference. It’s my choice to be a burden or a blessing through my actions.


I can not continue to sit idly by and allow the world to move past me. I am obligated to better the world and create a positive change. Naturally, I am an extremely indecisive person, however, this class has really been encouraging me to choose what I really believe in and follow through with it. My beliefs should not be swayed by selfish motives. Because I have a choice, I need to grab this opportunity to choose and make the most out of it. Freedom of choice is a blessing which is taken for granted too often. Making the wise decision and persevering through it, is a concept I have picked up from the class, that will definitely aid me in the future of my designs.


From this course, I have decided that the designs I want to make will benefit others. As much as possible, they will not encourage the blatant abuse of resources so obvious in society today, they will give honour and dignity to the defenseless, and they will have and fulfill their purpose. This course has taught me to see what the effects of my products will be not only for the next 2 years, but for years to come after that. Because of what I have learned from the class, I realised I want my products to be valued as an investment, to fulfill its purpose in a lasting manner. To do this, I realised I will need to incorporate this into my thinking process to make it second nature for myself. Because of this course I want to give value to things that could be easily overlooked and enhance their beauty and functionality.


What I have learned from the class not only spans the design field but every aspect of life, so what I have learned in the classroom will not stay there, but will follow me everywhere. Without my initial realisation, I have been changing my choices and actions because of the class. I take more time to think now, and care more about things that would have once seemed unimportant to me. Though there is still much room for my improvement, I am learning to think rationally and compassionately, which I believe is the most important aspect to any field of life.

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