Stand Up And Change

Many times, when I wanted to post something about change and how we can choose to make a difference, I would stop myself because I thought my writing would offend someone out there. I didn’t want to post anything controversial for a while, because basically I was scared. I was scared to think about what others thought about me. I was scared that they would disagree with me and find faults in my logic. I was scared that I would be hated.


Later on, I realised that change isn’t supposed to be sweet. It doesn’t settle with everyone, in fact, it’s supposed to be unsettling. It’s supposed to impact you so much that you want to stand up immediately and shout “No! We have to change!” It’s supposed to make people think about the way they’ve been living life without questioning why they do certain things or simply WHY?


This sounds extremely philosophical, but I will ask the question anyway. Why are we here, in this earth? Are we here to enjoy our time and disregard others’ wellbeing? No, I don’t believe we are. We are here to think about others before ourselves. We need to stop what we’re doing, because obviously, what humans as consumers have been doing over the past century is destroying the world and others. Instead we need to choose to create change.


It isn’t easy and it isn’t comfortable. Change is not going to happen overnight by our wishing and thinking of it. As the famous Mahatma Gandhi saying goes, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I might have paraphrased a little, but you get the idea. We need to create the change, because it isn’t going to happen on its own.


Live life with meaning. We have the freedom to choose to change the world, many do not. What are you going to do with that freedom?

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