It’s been 10 weeks now….

…since we decided to give up a simple thing as the paper cup. To be honest I haven’t missed it at all. I looked through my tweets and posts and saw that I’ve never properly said that we’re giving up paper cups, but now I’m saying, that’s what we have been doing. The way I tackled it was to tweet about bad impacts the paper cups had etc. trying to make the people change them self without me saying “give up your cups ….or else!”. I believe that’s not really the way to go. Better to inform people of the situation and those who want to contribute to a better world will change, simple! Almost.

Twitter has been a great experience and I will continue using it after this class… I understand why people use both now, before I didn’t really see what role twitter played.

Give them up, your paper cups that is. You’ll feel better about yourself.

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