Giving up Coffee

What the group and I have decided to give up on was coffee since we are all students. Students like us have this tendency of taking strong supplements like coffee or brands of energy drinks for sleep quenching that thus help us in working assignments for few hours or days( Not really, more like a placebo effect if you ask me). We have had come up with more reasons to give up coffee as we go on though. One of the main reasons is to support fair trade in the coffee industry.

Giving up on something is never easy. Fortunately for me, I don’t drink coffee that often. Almost not at all really since I dislike the bitterness of it. Even when people asked me out to have a drink at Starbucks or other coffeehouse chains I ended up drinking chocolate frapuccino or green tea. Well since I sometimes do drink coffee I’m giving up for concerns like fair trade here and that helps me keep on going.

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