Check Up on Giving Up

It’s been months since I had a sip of coffee. I’ve been avoiding it and taking it out of my diet completely. I’ve been careful to not consume coffee in any form including cakes and other drinks. It hasn’t been easy, but at east I know it’s doable. It becomes especially hard when my friends want to go out and drinking some coffee. I don’t want to impose my opinion on them, because forcing others to give something up for my own beliefs isn’t something that I would like to do. Instead, I tell them about what coffee is doing and how I’ve given it up. It can be a little embarrassing, but I know it’s worth giving a thought about where those coffee beans came from. Instead of coffee, I ended up carrying a bottle (reusable) of water around and drinking that instead. Sometimes, I would pick up a fruit juice or a hot chocolate, but basically I just drink water now. It’s a lot healthier for me and I know I’m making less impact on the world by carrying my own bottle and not using disposable cups and by not supporting a market that is primarily reliant underpaid workers around the world.


The other thing I decided to give up was seafood. It amazed me to find out that even if our oceans are huge and seemingly endless, we as consumers have devastated its resources through our appetites and greed. The amount of fish that lose their lives as by catch is incredible. This is why I wanted to change my diet and avoid seafood. This was surprisingly hard. I thought seafood would be simple to avoid, but it’s just so easy to access that it becomes a huge temptation. I guess that way it’s like coffee. You can find it anywhere around the city and purchase it easily. A cup of coffee is like a salmon roll from Sushi Sushi. It was cheap and quick, so I couldn’t give up my sushi habit. Instead of fish in my sushi however, I would order the rolls that had tofu, eggs, or chicken. So while I got my sushi fix, I didn’t have to be taking from the oceans’ life (I’m not really counting seaweed as seafood. I only included marine life). It’s still extremely tempting though. I miss having a salmon roll or garlic prawns, but because of this exercise it’s become almost my default to avoid seafood. I don’t have to think about it, but it’s just become something I’ve accepted.


Through the months of giving up, I did fall though. Sometime in April, I ate at a Japanese restaurant. It completely slipped my mind that I was not to eat seafood. I felt awful that I made the mistake. I haven’t touched it since then though.


Giving up two things I enjoy was really hard. There were days I absolutely needed coffee and times I was so disappointed I couldn’t try a new recipe because it was fish. But giving up is part of making a difference. We have to stop thinking about what WE want and think about what OTHERS need. The focus should stop being on ME but on everyone else. How I can benefit others. How my actions affect them. And how I can help people and the planet.

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