The causes and effects of global warming


There is no development of any species can be matched with the development of human history. Throughout history, mankind created unprecedented material civilization and spiritual civilization. Among them, the industrial revolution was one of the most important changes in the history.The relationship between man and natureis interaction. In addition to the development of the industrial revolution, human nature effect cannot be ignored. During the development of the industrial revolution,human impact on the natural cannot be ignored.Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased 25%, which is far more than scientists can survey all the history of the last 160,000 years, and there is no sign of slowing. There are two main causes of global warming, human factors and natural factors. Besides, global warming also brings certain negative effects on environment and humans.
Studies show that human factors are mainly consisted of two points. The first is overpopulation.Back in history, the population steady growth every year. After the Second World War, the growth of population was extremely outstanding, with the population grow and industry rapid development. The typical event is the baby boomers ofUnited States. The second reason is people overuse energy.Each country like compete with other countries; committed to the development of industry and promote economic growth.For example, we have refrigerators, air conditionings, cars,
which are the state of the art equipment to improve our lives.Despite tons of benefits brought to our lives, following environmental pollution cannot be ignored.More and more places suffered from unprecedented environmental pollution, such as acid rain, greenhouse effect, and so on.
Besides, natural factors cannot be ignored as well, which includes sharp decline in the forest and solar activity. Sharp decline in the forest will bring erosion of land, salinization, and desertification, is under the influence of natural factors. According to the recent scientific reports show that now the earth is in the warm period, and italso close tothe sun. Thus, the result is a lot of rare natural phenomenon turns up. The most obvious is the global warming.There is no doubt that global warmingwill bring many negative effects.
The first negative effect is on natural environment and climate. There are a number of examples, such as El Nino, drought, floods, storms, thunderstones, hail heat and sandstorms, which will appear more frequent and strong. These terrible natural disasters would only bring bad effects to people’s lives, causing huge economic losses. A large number of people will dead or homeless. Building and the farmland will be destroyed.The other effect is on thebiologic chain and food chain. For instance, with the rise of sea level, the current world climate patterns will be changed. Some kinds of organismswill be gradually extinct; on the other hand, some
new species will be appearing. Actually, new species recently has been found in Antarctica. Some
scientists suspect the appearance of these new species is the result of global warming.
The second negative effect is on animal and human beings. The most significant point is disease transmission. Particularly, infants and elderly will suffered from it the most. What’s more, sea level rise will make them lose their homes. Actually, there are some countries’elevation are so low that may be submerged in the future, such as Venice, Japan and Netherlands. Another aspect is about species extinction and breeding. From the 90’s of the last century, melting icebergs in Antarctica began to pick up speed, resulting in habitat of many animals were drowned. Because of special habitats disappear, so the amount of these animals reduces day by day, and some species have been extinct. Penguins and polar bears need to get everyone’s attention; perhaps they will have the same fate of dinosaurs in the near future – lost in the world.
To sum up,while many scientists are trying to find other planets instead of the earth, theearth is still only planet that we can survive. So, from now on, we have to rational use resources, energy-saving and emission reduction. Together to protect the environmentthroughout the world, create a harmonious home.


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