Nanhome Extract

The dim orange glow from the sun slowly penetrated the darkness of my slumber. Suddenly the dim glow lit up into a bright fire that burned my tired eyes. As I gingerly opened my eyes, the piercing rays of the sun enter my pupils. The electrochromic tan filter of the window that cut off the sun’s rays had been deactivated and the window put into absorption mode. Evidently, she was up already. She had never been one to sleep in, but she could never stay up very late either.

I look towards the bedside table and glared at my phone. The thin transparent slate that was my phone lay serenely on the glass table. The seconds illuminated from the table’s surface matched perfectly with the phone’s. The way they were so perfectly synchronized was almost annoying. The phone absorbed the glow radiating from the Fichus, as if to the plant had somehow inadvertently inserted it with its DNA. Forcing energy through my arm, I grabbed at my phone and slowly turned my hand to face the table. The warm feeling of the glass surface sent a rush of senses riddling through my body, akin to when you stand under a shower at the perfect temperature. Words fly beneath my hands in a rapid, organized fashion: blood sugar levels fine, heart rate normal, and apparently, I was dehydrated. I swiped my phone from the table and reset my alarm and put the table into sleep mode. 

I flung the sheets carelessly away from me and let my legs slide bonelessly off the bed to the floor. The nanobacteria crawl through my soles and warm my chilly toes. By this time the Fichus had gone to sleep and the sun had fully risen. I walked towards the window to check if she had remembered to turn the charger for the batteries on. She always forgot. I swiped my finger down the side of the thick glass and the information faded into visibility. I wondered why we had such a long passcode. I came to the conclusion that it was because our power was too valuable to be shared around. 75 percent power, 45 percent efficiency reading, 78 kilowatt input and 53 outputs, internal temperature at a comfortable 23 degrees, external temperature at a not-so-comfortable 33 degrees.

And it was just as I thought; she had not turned on the charger. I cupped my hand and twisted in a circular motion to display the battery diagnostics and activation panel. My fingers pinched together and the power was then converted to its charging state through to the battery cells located under the house. The floor suddenly surged with a glowing light and a soft beep radiated through the household. I then swiped from the top of the window in a downwards motion to the electrochromic blind.

I strolled out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. In the corridor a green ambience coming from the algae-tanked walls guided me towards the entrance to the kitchen. I directed my attention to the fridge; my craving for toast and orange juice was detrimental. I opened the fridge and examined its contents. I spotted the orange juice container and retrieved it from the shelf. I then got two pieces of bread and some vegemite from the pantry and pushed them gently through a lining located on the surface of the bench. The bread pushed the slot down into the surface until only the top of the bread was visible. I pushed my finger upwards following beside the slot – small white circles appeared to follow my motion. I reached halfway up the slot and swiped to right, which adjusted the toaster settings to my preferences. In an instant, the bread was brought back up to the table’s surface, perfectly toasted and the slot was covered seamlessly by the small part of the table’s surface that had been pushed down with the bread. The toast fell to the side, onto a large inbuilt chopping board.

I grabbed a butter knife from a slot in the table and spread the thick dark sludge onto the crust of the bread. I looked up from the bench and detached a glass from the synthetic lighting duct and the thin layer of metal on the bottom of the glass clicked off from the magnetic panel. I placed the glass upon the bench and went to pour the juice in. However, my hand slipped and the juice splashed onto my clothes. Thankfully, the hydrophobic nano-cotton repelled the liquid onto the floor. The angle and curvature of the hydrophobic-surfaced floorboards efficiently guided the liquid into the micro-vacuums scattered across the kitchen’s floor. The liquid, dust and debris were all sent to a filter that converted it into food that is fed into the algae tanks.

I finished my breakfast and walked into the bathroom where a glass panel door slid open and neatly into a thin slit in the wall. I walked onto the thick glass floor. Its frosted opaque layer dispersed and the glass became transparent. Aquatic organisms came into view and brought the floor to life as the fish zipped under my feet. The room glowed with a white light as the LED globes lined on the roof sides of the room lit up.

I placed my hand on the side of the shower glass screen, making the shape around my hand glow and display diagnostic water temperature information beside my hand. “Your preferred settings have been confirmed, swipe to the right to open screen.” The shower screen smoothly glided across its curved tracks and met up flush with the opening of the shower screen. I removed my clothes and stepped past the shower screen until I was directly under the shower head. The glass screen slowly closed behind me. From the bottom of the shower screen a frosty filter climbed up the surface of the glass until it had reached the top of the screen. The water began to flow and the droplets pelted onto my back. A small circular grill below my feet caught the falling water and sent it seeping through to the fish tank below. The fish are not of a natural species but instead were biologically modified to clean and purify water and effectively work as a filter for all the grey water produced throughout the household. The fish are able to eat through a variety of special soaps used to clean the human body. The water cleansed by the fish is then recycled and used again.

An automatic dispenser oozed a small amount of finely engineered liquid onto my hand; instead of a compound of harmful chemicals, the liquid is a mixture of highly refined bacteria that are able to eat through dirt, germs and dead skin commonly found on the body of a human. Once the bacteria had been used for cleaning the body, it was then used as food for the fish as the substances removed from the body acted as a nutrient source for the fish. I lathered my body and my hair and rinsed myself until the soapy foam had been washed from my body. After 3 minutes the shower shut off and my body is thoroughly cleaned. Small slits in the side of the shower walls blew out warm pressurized air, effectively and rapidly removing the layer of water covering my body by evaporation.

I stepped out of the shower, put on my clothes and walked towards the sink. I picked up a mouth-shaped guard and place it into my mouth over my teeth. The guard tested my saliva and identified my DNA. The mouth device is lined with a layer of Cavbots, which are a nanobots designed and engineered to identify plaque and other undesirable materials bonded to the enamel of the teeth and to then dissolve these bonds. The bots move into the space between the teeth and gums and break up bacteria and acid molecules. They then excrete a gel that is able to repair cell damage and fill in any microscopic pits in the enamel with an identical or equally effective material that does not only repair the damage, but leaves behind a coating resistant to the attack of acids produced by bacteria when someone digests food particles. After about 5 minutes the guard signals me to remove it. I take out the guard and place it back in its casing to be replenished. 

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