C.R.A.C.K. (Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity)

Children need a loving environment to thrive; it’s only natural for them to crave care from their family. However the sad reality is many babies and children have to be removed from their families because of dangers caused by their parents.  Because of the abuse of drugs and alcohol, so many children have to be placed in foster homes for their protection. While many are able to find loving new homes, a great number of children do not.


In 2009, the number of children in foster care in Australia soared to 34,000. There is a great increase of the number of children who are suffering from child abuse and have to be placed in out-of-home care for their own protection. These children are often very emotionally scarred and need much attention. Most times, these children come from homes where either one or both parents have a tendency to abuse drugs and alcohol.


The government and a number of organizations are trying to address this problem of fostering children, but for some, other measures must be undertaken to truly relieve the problem of children living in alcohol and drug abusing families. Project Prevention ( http://www.projectprevention.org/ ) is an American based organization that encourages long-term birth control, especially among drug and alcohol users. While “long-term” birth control may seem overwhelming and sound to drastic, think of the positive effects they can have on society.


With less “unwanted” pregnancies, the children who truly need help can be provided with better care. These children will get a better chance of a brighter future. And less will have to experience the trauma of abusive homes. The government and organizations will be able to focus their efforts much better on the children who do need the help.


There is another side of the story though. There are those who do change and become great parents. Some have called Project Prevention “disgusting” and “prejudice”. Some are able to turn their lives around and provide the homes their children do deserve. Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sbnDjj7WbU to find out more.


In a perfect world, every child would be born into a loving and kind home, wanted and loved. But this isn’t a perfect world – it is a very flawed world. People around the world are making efforts to help those who need help, which includes children from drug and alcohol abusing families. Our mission, as Global Citizens, is to make the world a better place. The measures we need to take may be extreme, but they are needed. Have your say.

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