Giving Up Disposable Products Cont.

I went for 51 days without using a disposable cup or buying food in a paper bag! It was last Sunday that I chose to buy a takeaway coffee and a pasty, because my friends and I were in a rush to go exploring (we went caving and it was the coolest day I’ve had in a long time!) and there was no time to sit down and eat. 

This is not to say in those 51 days I didn’t use any disposable products, because a lot of food is packaged (bread, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, sauces) but the packaging isn’t immediately thrown out.

I have minimised my tea bag usages and predominantly use loose leaves with a strainer. 

I also realised there are changes I can make in the bathroom to waste less, i.e instead of buying disposable shavers, buy one really good handle and buy just the razors to minimize plastic going into the waste systems. 

It feels quite inevitable that we will use disposable products but I feel through this exercise I have really cut down on and become ever more aware of my use of disposable products

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