At home, I am lucky enough to have had two beautiful beagles in my ownership for approximately 5 years now. Constantly, these dogs walk with their noses embedded into the ground searching for a large variety of smells, with violence completely avoided on every walk.

I was shocked the other day to find they are the most commonly used animal in America for chemical/drug testing. After 5 years, I only found this major issue existed a few days ago. This shows that the companies who are involved in/condone these testing methods try to steer the media’s eye, and hence the peoples attention in the opposite direction via false advertising on their products and through the lowering of eco-friendly demonstrations available for watch on television/ radio etc.. You think your alluring our eyes away from what you’ve done?

The greatest case of this occurred between 1952 – 59, named the smoking beagles. Before it was known that tobacco had inevitable connections to cancer, the American Cancer Society tested tobacco’s most extreme effects on a range of, you guessed it, beagles. Decades of vague and inconclusive results enabled the tobacco companies to perpetuate confusion and prevent doctors from giving authoritative warnings. All in all, tobacco companies killed a truly ridiculous amount of beautiful canine so their product could economically shine for a few more tax-free years. From these early 50’s, the beagle practices have continued till now. Thats nearly 60 years of beagle testing.

After viewing a Beagle pup being tested by Oxycontin (a heroin supplement), I became mentally motivated to spread word about these injustices occurring today. As designers i feel it is key we use our innovative minds to prevent issues like this one from occuring. Alternatives for testing do exist, but require the mind to go out of the box to attain. Why take the life of an animal to better the amount of shadow some girl’s cheek reflects under her eye? 

To tackle the popularity, and hence the injustices committed by these ‘greedy’ cosmetics compaines  we must change the outlook on the words beautiful happiness as in society today, only those who use their products and replicate their models are considered beautiful/good-looking/worthy of attraction/happy/truly without problems. The fact that this method allows maximum profitability for these companies to occur, is disguised by societies outlook on beauty and happiness, and we see purchasing these products as the only gateway to bear a smile and feel accepted in this over-judgemental society. Men may not use cosmetics like women, but i guarantee the anti-perspirent deodorants and hair-gel used is tested on a beagle or monkey before it reaches your hands.

I hope through this post, I have spread awareness of this issue which directly effects me to a small group, who will then spread it to a new array of branches and so on:)

My beagles poppy & jed!

My beagles Poppy & Jed!



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