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genes and child obesity

Interesting how some certain genes can be a contributing factor to child obesity

with other factors such as environment,diet,personal choices, etc.


Coffee unchained

At the very beginning of the coffee reduction/giving up movement  i have had occasional cravings for the breavage in the first 2 weeks. but as time begin the pass and each time i would want to drink a cup of coffee i would remind myself that it is a drink that might have been made by underpaid workers and that this substance will dehydrate my body and increase by risk to heart disease.After a while i notice the cravings become less and less intense.

After many weeks of not having coffee i have realised the thirst for this drink have gone away.As an alternative i sought out green tea,a more relaxing and calm drink.Reflecting on my old habit of consuming coffee every morning i remember that after drinking it my heart does beat slightly faster than it should,this kinda scared me to drink less of the drink at times.


Morals of Animals

Its interesting how little we “presume” we know about the behaviours and moral thoughts of animals .
watching this video it opens my eyes that animals are not so different from ourselves and yet people keep on forgetting that we human beings are also part of the animal kingdom and that treating animals be they big or small in a cruel negative manner “they” the animals also too have feelings and thought even though they do not speak it out loud.

Giving up Coffee

Coffee … one of the best drink in the world and have been consumed every single with high number. My country – Vietnam is high exported coffee country and coffee is seen a beverage for relaxing, refreshing your mind or hanging out with your friends. I don’t like Italian Coffee style but I am addicted on my country coffee style. Its the most fantastic taste ever and i used to drink it every single day. However, after I researched deeply inside the the fact that coffee impacts on people, I have to reduce my consumption to minimal. I knew coffee has many harm to human body. You can click on the link to have a look 7 dangers that coffee brings out. Therefore, after that day, I told myself and my family, friends that they should reduce drinking coffee to make their healthy 

Effects of noise pollution

Generally, problems caused by noise pollution include stress related illnesses, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity. Most importantly, there are two major effects we can look at:

The immediate and acute effect of noise pollution to a person, over a period of time, is impairment of hearing. Prolonged exposure to impulsive noise to a person will damage their eardrum, which may
result in a permanent hearing.

Effects on general health
Health effects of noise include anxiety and stress reaction and in extreme cases fright. The physiological manifestations are headaches, irritability and nervousness, feeling of fatigue and decreases work efficiency. For example, being pounded by the siren of fire fighters, police or ambulance in your city all night everyday leave people (especially elderly people) stresses and tired in the morning.

Its is worth noting that these effects may not sound troubling, but the truth is, with time, the consequences can be very worrying.

Give up the car

If we giving up the car, issue of air pollution, energy waste, people’s health can be solve. The biggest challenge of automotive industry development in future is energy problems, at that time ,people have to give up their car.