Another Giving Up Disposable Products Post

I have had a little realisation that I’d like to share!

Through giving up meals in disposable packaging, it has forced me to ‘eat in’ far more than eating ‘on the go’. 

Not only has this been better for the environment, but actually better for my emotional health too. Instead of scoffing down something on the go in a paper bag or wrapped in plastic, I’ve been sitting down in the company of others and savour my food on a nice ceramic plate. I use metal knives and forks which is a much more enjoyable experience than plastic cutlery. I get to interact and share lunch with my friends, catch up in a relaxed environment and share a laugh over a glass latte instead of saving a few minutes by buying quicker options and dashing off on the train.

The content of ‘eat in’ food is usually far more quality than pre-packaged, processed meals which is also better for my physical health. 

This packaged, ‘on-the-go’, EAT NOW QUICK DOESN’T MATTER WHAT EFFECT IT HAS, sort of lifestyle is actually really bad and I really appreciate a good sit-down at a shop to either casually socialise with friends or do sketching in a book with my delicious pesto and roast veggie foccaccia next to me on a plate (Xpose Cafe on Glenhuntly Rd, guys, yum). 

2 thoughts on “Another Giving Up Disposable Products Post

  1. Lily Mugford

    I too have adopted a new eating plan, I am attempting to eat only “real” food… no artificial flavours or colours, no prepackaged “ready-to-eat” so called food. It is a challenge but I feel better for it. I am actually saving money by choosing to cook from scratch.

    1. rochellebaz Post author

      That’s awesome!! It’s a challenge to get out of our habits but there’s really no negatives when it comes to eating ‘real’ food, we win and the environment wins! Good luck with your new eating plan!!


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