Sex-selection abortion sound like something from ages past, a time when male children were more sought after. I’d like to think this horrific issue of a pregnancy being aborted solely due to the gender of the unborn infant is a thing of a past that we have moved beyond. But it isn’t. It’s happening around the world at this very moment. It’s a sad truth that millions of murders, abandonments, and abortions are done on the sole basis of a female fetus within the mother’s womb.


According to the United Nations Satatistics, 100 million girls go missing around the world each year. These girls are abandoned on the side of roads. They’ve been killed then thrown in the rubbish bin just like trash. Millions of others have simply been aborted during the mother’s pregnancy. Why are these girls being destroyed? Because they are girls.


In certain areas and cultures, males are still valued higher than females, so there is tremendous pressure on mothers to produce male heirs for their husbands, even if it means letting another woman mother the infant for the husband. This problem has been spreading around the world as immigration levels have been skyrocketing.


Being destroyed because of gender is wrong.  It’s never right to take away the choice of life from anyone. We need it to stop, but how? Spread the word. People need to know that this problem is still on going. In order for this mass “gendercide” to be prevented, people need to understand what’s going on in the world.

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