The dramatic and beautiful life of a mayfly

Rhithrogena germanica or known in plain english as the mayfly are insects belonging to the order ephemeroptera ( from the greek ephemeros = short lived, pteron=wings). The mayflies only use for living is to reproduce then die. What i find so interesting about these insects is that their life span is that of a crumb. They are known to live from a few minutes to a few days depending on the species and only live to breed. And that got me thinking of the aspects of life we take for granted, the people we ignore who need us, the cries for help we fear to answer, the over embellishments of our wants we confuse for needs.

The mayfly is a poetic representation of a short-lived life and the beauty of natures cycle and what i feel are the characteristics of human nature we should all adopt. why are we so submerged in selfishness? The unwillingness of our society to make change is what will lead to inevitable self destruction. I use the mayfly as a symbol of life, a symbol of naturality and the essence of what aspects of life we take for granted. A mayfly will only live for a few minutes to few days only to give life again, to thrive, to give its species a chance of expansion and humanity can live past one hundred yet we will live without ever making a contribution to our world or acknowledging that change is necessary for us to thrive. We need change, We need each other as a system of life to thrive, we will accept each other for who we are so we are able to deconstruct the barriers that segregate us, we will live lives that intertwine us because our acknowledgment of more than our own life will lead to the universal change we are fighting for.

We are simple, We are complex, We are small, We are large, We are powerful, We are week, We are quiet, We are loud, We are timid, We are beautiful and WE will thrive. That is the dramatic and beautiful life of a mayfly.

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