Intensified is the suns heat, sweat, blood and bone under my feet, tears drown my eyes depressed thoughts I cannot disguise with a fake smile or the scope of a lie.

This feeling consumes me, this heat envelops me, this heart breaking song destroys me, I am brought down to my knees looking up at the trees, I fear the three, past, present, future, please hold your cry for me, for the heat has caged me,

The heat has played me; your love has framed me like a picture carved in stone,

I stand alone like a leaf in the wind she carries me.

I don’t fear the happiness I don’t fear the pride I fear her love I fear her lies that chase my heart, that wrap my soul, that control me, that move me, the heat has taken me.

The heat intensifies, my eyes red bleeding poison led, her words intercept me like a blade to the heart, she screeches we’ll never be, always apart, as the heat separates us, it holds us, pushes us to the edge, on the edge of a ledge in my mind falling to the pit of my soul where nothing grows but the hate.

The regret, a long sleep, I intend death, he calls me to a bed of roses her love can no longer save me as her heart closes, the world won’t miss me, the heat has taken me, taken my breath, taken my mind, taken every inch, every line, out of my heart the heat pores, the pain intensifies until it is time for my never ending sleep, until the heat is no more.


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