“Ten Points to Ravenclaw!” – BS.

Why fulfil the quota? It’s wrong. Change the quota. Make it right. Gold stars don’t tell you you’re making a difference – they tell you you’re satisfying someone else’s agenda.

Ten steps for you designers to do:

1. Give a damn. About yourself. About the world; trees; people; something.

2. Understand that it is easier said than done, and make incremental but consistent changes to yourself and your life in order to achieve something that isn’t apathy or misanthropy and in line with the first point.

3. Naturally by caring, something will bug you. Injustice – or say, inequity – will strike you. Notice it.

4. Continue to be concerned and figure out why this inequity bugs you.

5. When you figure that out, learn everything you can about it.

6. Identify where you fit into this problem, or how you can fit in.

7. Continue to employ your many talents (as a designer), latent or otherwise. You don’t even need to draw. As a designer, you can think. Here’s what I mean:

Design thinking refers to the methods and processes for investigating ill-defined problems, acquiring information, analysing knowledge, and positing solutions.”

8. Find help if you need it. Talk about it. Tell people. Employ social media and other swift methods of communication.

9. Try and sleep properly, so that you have the energy to..

10. “Go do.” http://vimeo.com/9289064 (Look up the lyrics if you must).

(potential misinterpretation of what needs to go into the 10 points could be running rife here)

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