Giving up Disposables Break Down

I decided that I’d write down all the things I dispose of on 11/4/13:

 Products I’ve Disposed of Today 

  • 3 Tissues
  • TP
  • 2 tea bags
  • Small tub of flavoured yoghurt (I was hungry and cracked and couldn’t give it up… aand I just read it contains gelatine 😦 not good!)


Products I’ve Used which Packaging Will Be Disposed of in Near Future

  • Slice from a loaf of bread packaged in plastic with paper sticker
  • Nuttelex (like butter) from plastic container
  • Vegemite from glass container with plastic lid
  • A bit of milk from HDPE plastic bottle
  • Aluminium, plastic and cardboard medication packaging 


By thinking back to since I started this, I think I can conclude that when I’m at home it’s a smaller but more constant flow of little things being disposed of, and when I’m in the city it’s larger things instantly disposed of, related to meals and beverages. 

Sorry if this is a boring post, I just wanted to share my thought processes!


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