A 10 Point Plan for the Change-Making Designer

10 Actions design should undertake if wanting to create change in the world.

1- innovative thinking – Standing out and broadening their perspective.

2- Volunteer work – Becoming more involved with the change situation hands on can give a better outlook.

3- Research – Understanding the issue with a clear understanding of what needs to change.

4- Think of the community – Design in a way that can benefit the community but also create change on a global scale. perhaps through environmental materials or energy.

5- Sacrifice – Giving up old habits to focus particularly on the change issue at hand.

6- Starting Small- Build community awareness stronger and stronger regarding your issues and beliefs you want to express. Eg creating your own Twitter hash tag and spreading the word!

7- Think locally, act globally – Much like #6, the idea of starting small can build up into a strong and powerful voice for change!

8- Actions! Become a role model – Show society by doing actions around the community that change is needed and why.

9- Commitment – Must commit fully to your idea on change whether it leads to sacrifices being made to your daily life, or even when being raise questions about your ideas.

10- Follow a path – And stick to it! achieve your goals by going forward, go past the problems and have your design result in significant global changes!

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