What Design Must do to Make Changes in the World that I’d Like to See

Hi guys, I wrote out 10 things that I believe design must do to make the changes in the world I
want to be a part of. I’ve noticed my list is different to the other ones here, and I worry I misinterpreted the task because I wasn’t able to go to class last week and only read the short description of the task online. If I’m totally off topic could someone please let me know and I’ll sneakily write a new one by the end of today!


1. Keep nature’s ecosystems in balance – don’t use resources like trees or fossil fuels to make products at a rate faster than the earth’s ability to regenerate/deal with.

2. Put the consumer’s best interest first before the company’s own interest. (Stop designing products/ advertisements for products that is bad for the consumer’s physical/social/mental health, don’t undermine self esteem or a person’s good health for profit)

3. Create products in a cradle to cradle manner, not cradle to grave. Get rid of planned obsolescence.

4. Design for everyone, not just the richest 10% of the population. 1/5 of humanity consumes 4/5 world’s resources.

5. When it comes to pollution, prevent and contain it. Design in a cleaner way. Don’t poison waterways with chemical runoff.

6. Design for the most positive result with the least cost. Make it about efficient and intelligent design

7. Always select the most eco-efficient materials, manufacturing methods and systems. This point includes renewable energy too

8. Design must be open to new innovation in technology and thought processes, to evolve humanity and take it to better places, even if it’s scary to try new things.

9. Design must educate, influence and emotionally bond with their consumers, make them realise the significance of the design and the product and the meaning behind its existence.

10. Involve the consumer in the design process to make sure you’re on the right track

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