How to make change (ten steps)

My ten point plan to change the world goes kind of like this:


1. Experience the world – without knowing and feeling what’s happening we can’t try to change it for the better.


2. Find out how the situation works.


3. Find the problem – identify what’s wrong with the situation.


4. Understand the problem – Why are things the way they are? Why aren’t they working?


5. Spread the word! – Let others know about the problem through social media and word of mouth.


6. Try to figure out a solution to the problem.


7. Start the change! – Become active in the change. Take a stand. Work at it.


8. Get others to help – organise people. Many hands make light work.


9. Keep working – Change won’t happen instantly. Be persistent. It may be hard, but it’s worth it.


10. Make the change a part of you. Believe in it and don’t sway from what you know and believe no matter what.

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