10 Point Plan

Here is a 10 point plan for the process i think designers must take to make a change

1. Become “mad as hell” – here is a lesson

2. Determine why you are mad, what is the issue? how is it affecting people / the environment?

3. Pull the problem apart. Whats broken? Whats missing? be an expert.

4. Tell everyone you know. Tweet.

5. Consider solutions to the problem.

6. Identify how you could influence culture to activate a change.

7. Do what designers do best (hopefully) Create concepts based on solutions. Keeping in mind stakeholders, materials, processes, sustainability etc. to ensure you don’t inadvertently contribute to another issue.

8. Create a strategy for pushing a certain idea / widget out to relevant people.

9. Some glue and nails.

10. Bang the drum.

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